Saturday, July 27, 2013

Finished Bathroom Reveal

You didn't know we were working on our bathroom? Shocking!
You will not see many household renovation blog posts go up over here at Time Flies, so I thought I would throw one in for good measure and because it probably won't ever happen again.

After many months of sloooowly working to getting our main bathroom redone we have finally finished it. The last couple of weeks were full of waiting and waiting and waiting for our no-show-ish painter to get here and do the few things we asked him to do (I am patting myself hard on the back for this being the only time I have complained about and I will just stop so that the patting is justified), but he finally came through and now I can post pictures about it as if anyone actually cares about the teeny tiny space.

Even though it is such a small area, it is a huge deal to me because it is our main bathroom, on our main floor, that everyone sees and it was getting a little bit embarrassing. It was embarrassing from the start since I did the shoddiest paint job when we first moved in to cover up a hideous shade of purple with an equally hideous shade of dark beige. There were paint marks all over the ceiling because- something I learned about myself during that job- I am THE worst at painting. I have no close-up pictures of that for you, so so sorry.

We had great goals to redo the room much earlier on but we finished our basement and had a couple of kids soooo there just wasn't much time.

Then back in October after Lucy's birth my dad went ahead and fixed our floor, replacing some seriously nasty linoleum with some nice ceramic tile, wainscoting on the other wall and put a new sink in place of the one that was there and was constantly falling apart. Like, the sink top would constantly slip off the the wooden base. Instead of making you go back to that old blog post, I'll save you a tidbit of time and give you that before and after here.
It was a great improvement.

Then shortly after, Mike took off the many layers of wall paper that had been painted over roughly 72 times leaving the walls a very patchy, holy mess, which he had great plans to work on and finish after his comprehensive exams... because he has nothing else to do. Kidding, he does. So it didn't happen.
Then very recently, his wonderful parents gave us a gift of some funds to work on household projects and we found a painter that came sometimes, whenever he could fit it in, and did the rest of the work.

The left half of the bathroom, with our old fat cat picture and handicap hand rail used as a towel hanger. Classy McClasserson.
And now...
A real towel rack! And new wall color + other things.
And here's the other half of the room:
Old ugly wall color, old falling apart vanity, gross linoleum floor that smelled intensely like cat pee, and some shelving that Mike built from lots of random pieces of wood and a little shelf hailing from somewhere in the 70s.

And now....

And my favorite part...

I do not know why that little mounted wall cabinet is my favorite part, but it just is.
And so, just in case you feel like I haven't done this glorified closet with a toilet enough justice, here is one more:
It is done.
And so am I.


  1. Gorgeous!!!! You guys do such amazing stuff!

  2. It's beautiful!

    But I say bring back the fat cat, that is pure class!

  3. So impressive & worth the wait!

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  6. I love home reno posts, even if it is a little bathroom. The colors in there make it look so nice and it looks so much bigger too! Good job!

  7. Love it!! So fun to see before and afters!

  8. It's looking so pretty!!! And looking over my shoulder, Peter would like to inherit the cat picture. "SOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!"

  9. Ana it's beautiful! Y'all did a great job. I'm glad it makes you feel better too! We recently just hung one tiny wall shelf for storage and decoration- and it made me feel like we had redone the whole apartment! the little things, right? :)

  10. It's lovely, Ana.
    Gosh, having a finished project ranks up there with showers after labor, a clean kitchen, and a date night. Or for me it does...

  11. I agree with everyone! It looks wonderful and in my book there isn't anything better than finishing up a project that's been dragging on and on, and hanging over your head....not that I know anything about those......

  12. Love the remodel! Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. I think we have the same wall cabinet and we put three little white baskets on the shelf along the bottom - hubby's idea and very cute!

  14. Looks great, Ana! Love seeing "before and afters" like this!