Sunday, July 28, 2013

weekend mash-up

Sending another weekend mash-up out into the internet abyss in very random order because who really cares anyways?

As our "contractor/painter/random handy man" has at least 2 other jobs that we know of he was only able to come today to finish the rest of the work we gave him money to do on our house, which means I am typing this with a strange man standing outside the window painting something. It also meant a solo trip to la park with the girls to get some fresh air and escape the confines of our very small house with strange men walking around.

I had the girls matching and me and Lucy coordinating with the hope of getting a cute picture with them. It's never going to happen.

Me and Lucy snapped some selfies in a desperate attempt on my part to find anything for her to do other than eat tree bark and nasty pre-worn and discarded hair bands on the park ground while the girls played. I was so pleased with how well Naomi and Bernadette played together. They stuck together the whole time and at one point I saw them find each other and embrace an run off holding hands. Sometimes they are the best.

Global cooling is effecting us here in the Bend as it is so many others whose facebook walls I've stalked and blogs I perused and it is just crazy. I do not mind one bit because I love love love fall weather.

I don't buy organic food because we just don't have money to spend on it but I was at the store getting shortening yesterday and decided to splurge on the organic stuff because 1) shortening already freaks me out because, um look at it and 2) it is one of those things I rarely ever use and so it lasts us soooo long, a year maybe? and 3) it always has a really distinct, not necessarily good, flavor to me when I eat it so I thought not getting the most generic kind might serve me well. And it did. I got this brand:

And made these little fruit  hand pies with it and the crust was kind of amazing. I recommend the shortening and the recipe.

I am making this Pad Thai recipe sans shrimp tonight to be eaten sans girls who will be in bed sleeping or not and I can scarcely contain my excitement. I loooove Pad Thai oh so much and love kidless dinners every once and a while a little bit too much.

We went a'bowling again yesterday at theeee shadiest little bowling alley that had free bowling and free rentals and free soda for anyone who printed off a coupon and I think the Dude would have been proud. Not of me or my bowling abilities because I just beat Naomi, but just of the general exposure of the girls to the game.

What do you think, Jessie?

And sandwiched between all of it was a seriously stellar Mass experience this morning and I would reward all three girls with A++++'s all around and lots of treats given for the good behavior.

Way to go to everyone who joined Jen in her 7 days of blogging  challenge, it was so much fun to read everyone's posts and to join in with you all. Wishing you and yours a fabulous Sunday.


  1. Love the blouse and the whole outfit. It's like 1940s cool meets 2013 hipster.

  2. Love. The. Blouse!! And, did you have to mention Pad Thai?? Major craving happening right now. Major. Always love stopping by your blog - it's so fun!

  3. Hope the dinner is amazing! Great blouse, gave you a shout out today for your polka dot inspiration.
    I also love it when my kids play well together.

  4. "I had the girls matching and me and Lucy coordinating with the hope of getting a cute picture with them. It's never going to happen." -- eh, it looks like it just did. :)

  5. I think you look super cute in your polka dots and I also think you better have had yourself a White Russian, especially if you we're getting your bum handed to you by Naomi. Donny, you're out of your element.

  6. Haven't commented in a while...but I'm still reading...I've enjoyed this week =). PS I meant to comment the other week that I loved your "bun that could" i can't recall the actual style...You actually inspired me to try it....I haven't yet, but I will =). You are looking AMAZING in case you haven't heard that recently! I love the pictures at the park! I was watching a small clip of Julie Child making pies and she said American wheat makes better pastry when made with butter and go Ana, you're a pro =). Miss you guys!

  7. love the Sunday style...and the great family photos as well. Looking good!

  8. Suggestion for you on the shortening - try coconut oil instead. SOOOO much better for you. And it's shelf stable, so no refrigerating and it doesn't go bad like shortening will over time. Tastes yummy and no coconut flavor once it is baked. Glad you had some good Mass behavior!