Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too Much Talking

Naomi: Mommy come look at this beautiful picture I drew!
Me: Oh, that's nice, what is it?
Naomi: It's a beautiful lady! And that is her bloody nose and those are her tears.
Me: ...
I didn't ask what the round things are supposed to be.

One morning during breakfast:
Me: Naomi, do you want juice?
Naomi: Oh no, not in my condition.
Me: ...
I proceeded to get her some juice

While nursing Lucy one morning while the girls were supposed to be eating their breakfast, Bernadette bounds out into the room I am nursing in:
Me: Bernadette, did you eat all of your food?
Bernadette: Uh-huh! (enthusiastically nodding head "yes")
Me: Are you lying?
Bernadette: Uh-huh! (just as enthusiastically nodding head "yes")

After taking a sip of her water bottle which had been sitting in the hot van for some time, Naomi said:
"It's disgusting! It has a really bad taste... it tastes like hummus."

Noami likes to make up songs throughout the day and sing them at the top of her lungs. Here are some lyrics I've overheard recently:
♫♫♫  "Do you want a bandaged donkey!?!?"  ♫♫♫ (Over and over and over.) and...
♫♫♫   "That's not that  illegal!!" ♫♫♫ (over and over and over again).
I'm on the hunt for an agent for her now.

After playing outside in the pool I asked Bernadette whether she peed in her swim diaper, her response was: "Oh yes, the pool really helped the pee to come out!"
How much of it did they drink? That's the real question.

After repeatedly saying "no" to Naomi about some treat that she was begging for, she looked at me smiling and then stroked my arm to butter me up and said:
"But honey... sweetheart.. please?"

This morning after vacuuming the playroom, I came back towards the girls' room and heard that the toilet had been flushed, at first I assumed it was Naomi but then I saw a naked Bernadette (who is not, I repeat NOT potty trained) and asked what was going on:
Bernadette: Oh, I peed on the potty!
Me (to Naomi): Did she really?
Naomi: Oh yes! I read her a book and taught her how to and now she is fully potty trained! Really! I give you my word, she is fully potty trained.
Me: ...

A trustworthy bunch, indeed.

And a bonus video of a very robotic crawling Lucy. She's finally starting to work off some of her rolls. Please for the love of everything good just mute your sound when you play it, my voice and the number of times I say "like" are both thoroughly embarrassing.

DSCF0002 from Ana Hahn on Vimeo.


  1. Oh my goodness...Bernadette's approach to "lying" makes me feel much better. We've had that exact same discussion in our house recently, complete with the happy, "I'm lying! (smile)". You'd think daughters of theology students would be more repulsed by lying? Think again!

  2. Oh, if only Naomi really COULD potty train Bernadette for you! Maybe some alone time with her sister, coupled with a large plastic pool?!

  3. That potty-training one..that is too, too, too funny! And, I love that picture.

  4. "A bandaged donkey." That's so funny and brilliant!

  5. I don't suppose Naomi wants to potty train Grace? Because I've given up hope with her. And I love her sweet talking for more treats. Hilarious!

  6. Hahaha, I love the songs Naomi made up!