Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 fa fa fa favorites!!

So happy to be joining the ever awesome and sweet Hallie for some favorites this Wednesday, and off we go!

1) Some time ago, I decided to experiment with lower-calorie drinking and purchased a lite margarita mix- never ever again. I literally could not finish it, unheard for me. So when I was at the store buying tonic water for some G&Ts recently, I thought for sure that diet tonic water would be a horrible idea, but it was only 88 cents, so I thought I would fork out the change and try it. It turns out that diet tonic water is fabulous and I am now a little bit hooked to just drinking it plain with lime all the time. My new favorite summer beverage for sure.

2) I am not a big salad eater, but if you give me a bowl of spinach with this dressing/topping combo, I will go to town on it. I love Ken's lite poppy seed dressing and the Asian sesame topping with it is to die for. Try it, you will love it, or maybe you won't but I sure do.

3) New goodwill shoes. So not new at all, but new to me. I really like the peep toe deal and they are suuuper comfy and sorry if you are weirder out by people buying used shoes. It gets me all sorts of excited to find cute thrifted shoes because let's be honest, shoes are way too expensive.

4) Lucy in a bathing suit, in the water. While she loathes the process of squeezing her little sausage body into the suit, it is pretty much the cutest thing ever. And she really loves the water, which is great because we are coming up on a little beach trip with Mike's family and I was a leetle worried that she's be all ultra-clingy with me like one of her sisters was in the water (cough, cough Bernadette) but I think she will have a blast. I sometimes love the summer.

5) These Jag brand Bermuda non-maternity but no-button smooth waist shorts. I absolutely love any pants that are socially acceptable to wear around that do not include a button and zipper and it is a major bonus if they are NOT maternity since I am now 9 months postpartum and I would prefer to not glance in the direction of maternity stuff until it is actually needed. I found these at my favorite Ohio Valley store while we were back in Steubenville and while I had never heard of "Jag" brand before, upon doing a little research I found that these retail at around $50 and I know I did not pay more the $7 for mine. Shazam! They are so very comfortable and have softened me on Bermuda style shorts, because usually I steer clear of them. 

Alright, I'm off to try my hand at some home made Reese's cup making, which incidentally is very likely to be showcased in next week's favorites- we'll see! Sit on the edge of your seats til then or go visit Hallie and the gang for more!


  1. Oh tonic water... diet or not, I don't know how to enjoy it. It is just not my style. Neither are bermuda shorts. They make me look like a oompa loompa. But I like the idea of pull on shorts. Why don't more brands realize the amazingness of this idea?

  2. Since I completely and totally agree with everything else on your list; I guess the next time we need dressing I'm trying some Poppy Seed.

  3. I have such a hard time squeezing chubby babies into those rash-guard shirts! But they do look so cute on.
    I'm not a Bermuda shorts person either- I think my legs are too short or something. However, those look really comf.

  4. Those shoes are too cute - and so is Lucy in her suit! Holla for comfy shorts that look decent!

  5. I love diet tonic water! So good and hard to believe the zero calorie business :) I had poppyseed dressing for the first time a week ago and loved it - must try that combo! Adorable shoes and adorable Lucy <3

  6. I think I need to try smooth-waist shorts. I love the "structure" that button/zippered pants/shorts provide to hide a bit of flab, but love the comfort of those look like an awesome mix of the two.

  7. I love tonic water with lime. I also splash a little real cranberry juice in there (actual Knutson's, not the flavored grape-juice ocean spray kind). SO yummy in the summer.

  8. You've inspired me, Ana. There's entirely too much beer drinking going on in this house. G&Ts it is!