Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 Favorites

Have you ever listened to Rogue Wave? I hadn't either until I met Mike. He is the only reason that I listen to anything other than Christmas music, and Rogue Wave may just be my very favorite band that he introduced me to. We've had this album on in our van for a few days now and Naomi consistently asks me to listen to "Cheaper Than Therapy" over and over again, and now Bernadette loves it too. A little weird, a little awesome. I love it.

2: This Juicer
Or really any juicer, but this one looks pretty awesome. I finally got around to gathering all the ingredients to concoct Hallie's amazing Margarita recipe the other night and found myself without a juicer for squeezing an absurd amount of limes, so since I would never just give up on having margaritas, I went ahead and did it by hand and my forearms were, as Jillian would say, "screaming!" by the end. So then a couple of days later I desired a single margarita but did not have it in my biceps to do the squeezing and then I remembered that the girls have a play juicer in their kitchen set materials. Long story short, I got the caked on play dough off and used the play juicer to make a margarita. I think I need a real juicer.
^This one's for you, Hallie.

Right after I graduated college, my youngest sister, Mary started getting into baking. Saying she was "into baking" is an understatement because honestly, through an insane amount of work and perfecting her skills she became one of the best bakers I have ever met in person, no wait, THE best. I was of the opinion that she should just skip college and open her own shop and I really think it would have taken off, but she decided to be all responsible and get a business degree first so that she would have the know-how to actually run her own place. Well now she is finally done with college and getting back to where she belongs- the kitchen, and hopefully opening her own online bake-shop to start with. She just started up a facebook page called Mary's Bake Sale to get an idea of what the interest would be and in one day got 100 likes. Let's help her get to 200!

I used to be a little weirded out about mail-order baked goods, but then I tasted some cookies ordered from a private little online bake shop and they were amazing and my mind has been forever changed. Moral of this long-winded story? Like Mary's Bake Sale on facebook! That's all.

4: Moccasin Wedges from Target

After way too much deliberation about my fall shoes, I was walking through Target and spotted a buy one get one 50% off sale on all women's shoes, making my decision much, much easier. After I picked these and a cute pair of black wedges up as well, I showed them to Mike who responded "I'm so glad you got to pick two wedges at Target!". If you don't get that joke just don't worry about it. These are so super comfy, I love them and I will wear them all the fall through.

 ^^The girls kept asserting that this seal is lost and very sad and they were pretty downtrodden about it.

Someone shared this on facebook and I am not sure who liked it more, the girls or me? I think me. These pictures are incredible, they almost seem fake, but I a pretty sure National Geographic does this sort of this for a living, so they're probably real.


  1. All that work for a margarita? Always worth it.

  2. Good list, but yes you need a juicer ~ and perhaps I too need some Target wedges.

  3. As of my "Like", she's up to 168......

  4. Those shoes are so cute! Why is there not a target closer to where I am right now!!! But then Target does dramatically help me to stay in budget...Because I know I could not pass up a sale like that either!

  5. Girl, that seal reminds me of that "Confession Bear" meme. bahaaaa!
    I love the shoes. I might buy those.
    I love the name of your sister's's adorable! Does she make gluten free cookies?
    I feel embarrassed for asking such a loser question.