Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1) I am sorry if I threw off the delicate balance of "how much complaining a complaining-centered blog like mine should contain" with yesterday's post. It was definitely one of those blog posts where I hit "publish" and immediately kept re-thinking it or regretting being so whiny. Plus, I failed to give Naomi the credit she deserves because she has been having a bunch of middle of the night waking throwing a mid-sleep tantrum and is obviously going through some sort of weird developmental thing which I am sure she'll come out of soon enough. Don't get me wrong, it was a day from h-e-double-toothpicks, but as always, I am sure I could have tempered my own mini e-tantrum about her tantrums. I will always exercise my God-given blog right to complain over the internet, but again, there is a balance and I think perhaps 2 tantrum posts in a week might have been a bit much. Perhaps.

2) Also, just so no readers are confused, even though I did not give any attention to what we do for discipline with the girls, there are indeed consequences to their shenanigans. I would just never ever want this blog to become any sort of forum for discussing different discipline methods, never. So fear not, we do not let them walk all over us, one way or another, this way or that, there are repercussions.

3) I almost gave attention yesterday to the most monumental thing of all right now but I didn't want to jinx myself, and then last night it happened again so I will just say it: Lucy has had 4 nights in a row of sleeping all the way through the night thanks to my favorite sleep training method of all: "turn the monitor off and stop being an overly paranoid, coddling mother when your baby is one room over". \

Or as Grace called it "cutting the umbilical chord", and it only took 1 year! It's been wonderful, completely wonderful.

4) Another wonderful thing is this video that my friend sent to me yesterday:
I think I missed my life's calling.

5) When I on occasion chance to toss the girls into the bathtub for a good scrub down, I find myself with all sorts of wonderful possibilities with regards to Bernadette's crazy curly hair. I can actually brush through it and do things with it that I would not be able to do when it is dry and knotted. My favorite by far is two Laura Ingalls-esque braids.

Today she even insisted on wearing the most Little House-ish dress that she owns (which I realize is nothing like what they would have worn, but still) it was kind of perfect. Only I don't the the Ingalls girls wore sparkly head bands, I could be wrong though.

6) We took advantage of the nice cool weather last weekend to do a fall craft of painting mini-pumpkins. I prefer it to carving a large pumpkin and I think the girls do too since they actually get to do something, instead of just sitting there watching me hack at the pumpkin with the knife that is too sharp for them to even look at let alone touch.

Little masterpieces.

7) I wrote an entire 7 takes earlier this morning and my wonderful ASUS track pad accidentally highlighted, deleted, and then closed the window in a matter of seconds before I could save anything or undo the deletion. Mike has since fixed the the problem so that will never happen again, and just in time because I was about to give this machine up for computer adoption. But I am just going to be done now.


  1. Glad today is going better and you and Lucy are enjoying your one-on-one time.

  2. I love your blog. I just wanted to share something that worked for me with one of my sons. When he was in the 2-3 age range he would get really worked up about nothing - like the doorbell and rang or I put a new tablecloth on the table or something that MADE NO SENSE. And this crying could go on and on forever and continue to escalate. I noticed the more worked up he got, the harder it was for him to calm down. Ignoring him didn't help him calm down; in fact, it seemed to make him MORE hysterical. Which was the exact opposite of my desired outcome. So I took a new approach.

    I would look at him and say in my calmest voice (even though I was REALLY frustrated) "You look like you need some help calming down." Then I would hold him and soothe him until he was able to regulate his emotions back to equilibrium (normal). If he did something that warranted a time-out (like hitting, biting, etc), I would put him in time out, tell him what he did was wrong, then help him calm down by holding him and rocking him. As he got a little older, if he would start crying because the mailman came or something equally ridiculous, he could actually look at me and say, " I need some help calming down." And I would hug him and he would calm down pretty quickly. He is 4 and a half now and I cannot remember the last time he had a tantrum. 6 months? More? I don't know. He still gets the occasional time-out for unacceptable behavior, but that is it. I (like most parents) do not believe in rewarding bad behavior, but I truly believe these crazy crying jags are a developmental stage when children are bridging the gap between baby (when random crying is acceptable) and kid (when it is not). Sometimes they just need a little help along the way.

    I don't think little kids are one size fits all. I have another son who is 2 now and when he gets ridiculous all I have to say is "Do you want a time-out?" and he says no and I say "then go play or you are going in time-out" and that is all it takes to regulate his emotions. I just thought I would share something that worked for me in case it might be helpful to you or another mom.

    God bless and keep writing!

  3. I think you're wise not to discuss in depth the can of worms that is parenting. Keep writing, for sure! Candidness at its best! :)

  4. Hooray for dance videos!
    Here is another great one that I loved:

  5. Those braids are totally adorable!!

  6. I wish you wouldn't feel bad about complaining. We all do it and it's totally cathartic for those of us with challenging kiddos to read other parents' stories. I have a very obstinate child and it is a lonely world in the midst of less confrontational kids. Your honesty is refreshing and I perceive absolutely zero mom-fails, so keep writing. On that note, where's your WIWS? I'm jonesing for some voyerism. ;)