Thursday, September 19, 2013


This is not actually going to be a post about truly monumental things, you know, things that anyone other than myself would consider to be ground breaking. But it's my blog and I will type you to sleep if I want to.

Bernadette has been an absolute peach the last few days and I am drinking it up like cat with some spiked warm milk, it's a beautiful thing.

I got to escape last night for an evening of recollection. What is that, you ask? Pretty much exactly what it's called: almost 3 uninterrupted hours of prayer time and listening to meditations and more prayer time. It's like a mini-retreat. It was great. I almost fell asleep upwards of 32 times. It was great though.

Lucy ate her first grocery store cookie this week AND rode on the penny horse for the first time- she is living the high life, I tell you.

^ Yes, everyone was staring at me taking a cell phone selfie of me and my baby on the horse. No shame here at all.

Then today during my precious 90 minutes alone with her we went to the store again and the deli lady handed me a free piece of cheese and I looked at her like she was insane and asked "is that for me??" She looked at me like I was equally insane and let me know that it was for the child in my cart, and I maintained my crazy glance because "why the heck would anyone give a sweet little infant a piece of cheese?!?!? Are you trying to destroy her tiny, immature digestive system?!?!" Then I looked at Lucy. Holy crap, she is NOT a little infant anymore. In 3 weeks she will be wa wa wa ONE year old and I cannot even think about it because it is just too much. Oh please Lucy stop, just stop right the heck now. So she ate her first piece of cheese and loved it with all her heart, she did not miss a crumb of it- her mother's daughter indeed.

And of course, I have started doing the clothing switch-over again and I wonder, when? Oh when will it ever stop? Never, that is when. Or when they are old and grown and then I will be so sad that they are gone that I am sure I will be begging them to come over and let me spend my boring grandmother days switching their kids' clothing from one season to the next.

I honestly just want to put an add on craig's list: "huge free lot! everything must go!" and just keep the three pink dresses that they will only ever agree to wear anyways. We'll be a modern day Ingall's family only with much more body flailing and screaming.

And now I am off to attempt an early evening to match my stupid early mornings. Have a lovely one yourself!


  1. Oh, my... best of luck with Naomi. I sure hope this phase is super short-lived! Whenever mine pull some outrageously obstinate/mean-spirited behavior, I bark out a fierce "Absolutely not! You do NOT xyz..." It seemed to work pretty well, until my son began answering it with, "Absowutewy!"

  2. 1. jealous. it's been forever and ever amen since i've been to a recollection. bah.

    2. my life is a constant changing of the bins. they're everywhere. in my closet, in my bedroom, there's one in the hallway now and I know, i just KNOW I have more clothes for Miss S here that people have given me and gosh darn it, I'm not going shopping for her until I find them.

    3. little girls have crazy bad tantrums, huh? great. so not looking forward to that. I'm sure your mum has some stories about tantrums. wonder which one had the worst?


  3. Wow, you have way more patience than I! Good for you. If Augustine did that for a second, he would be locked into a high chair or booster seat in the corner for several minutes... But I'm the mother of a wild little boy. ;p hope your day tomorrow gets better!

  4. Send me all the clothes. And I'll send you some liquid courage for dealing with your eldest, in return. Whether you choose to use it on yourself or on her, well, a lady never tells.

  5. "We'll be a modern day Ingall's family only with much more body flailing and screaming." hahaha. Yes.

  6. The clothing size/season switcharoo is hands down my least favorite chore ever!

  7. loved the part about you only falling asleep 32 great. And Lucy is almost 1?! No way.

  8. We are doing clothes switching around, too. I hate it so much.

    What I do love is recollections- they are awesome breaks. I think I almost fell asleep for all of them...

    So sorry that the girls have been trying recently. We have been living at the hospital so we will offer up our troubles for all of you. Many prayers- hang in there.

  9. My tantrum-er is 15 now and doesn't tantrum anymore. I know that's not helpful one, tiny bit, but they will grow out of it, I promise!! And I hate the season-swap more than anything ever, ever, ever. My two big boys just keep all their stuff in their rooms now, but I still have to do my two little ones because they obviously still outgrow stuff. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

  10. Easton is terrified (@2.5 years old) of the meijer penny horse, he WILL NOT stay on it...but he throws a world champ tantrum if he doesn't get to ride it. And then once it moves he starts back up again because it's going too fast (this from the kid who rode that mini alligator roller coaster at the fair this year, alone and loved it..)

    Also, I really really hate the clothing swap. Which is probably why said horse fearer is still wearing some 18m pieces..

  11. A religious sister told me yesterday that she wakes up at 4:30! I was like are you kidding me? I love my morning sleep but I really admire you getting up early it's a great practice when you can manage it!