Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Five Favs!

1) Green shorts: I picked these up for suuuper cheap at Target last week because all summer stuff is insanely inexpensive everywhere right now and I was a little sad because it was so cool out and I thought I wouldn't get to wear them this year. Someone must have deleted the portion of my brain that houses memories of living in the midwest because I forgot that it always always always gets cool and then gets really hot again, usually well into October. Shoot, it was sweaty on Thanksgiving in South Bend last year, so I don't know why I thought I would miss out on wearing these. They're Target's Denizen, which I love and while Mike thought the bright shade of green looked a "little silly", he also declared that I looked "cute" in them, so I will take it.

2) Afternoon tea:

I've been making tea for the girls around 3 in the afternoon lately and they love it. They will only talk in really ridiculous "tea time" voices, which incidentally makes them sound like ditsy cheerleaders with speech impediments. I literally could not get Bernadette to stop chugging her tea for a picture for the duration of the above party- I think she's has a problem. I personally love anything that helps us push through that late-afternoon, post-nap portion of the day because it always feels eternal.

3) Our "school room":

Wait Ana, did you not just write a post all about how you're not worrying about home schooling right now because your oldest is a whopping 4 1/2 and not in any need of structured, formal schooling? Why yes, yes I did. But this is honestly much more of an aesthetic, decorative favorite than an educational one, although I did start a phonics program with Naomi today that primarily uses the chalkboard and it was great. Her excitement over feeling like she was at a "real school!" was admittedly really cute and she did a bang-up job printing her "B"s on the board. I felt super official buying this chalkboard liner like a real teacher. Just call me Ana "Hypocrite" Hahn.

4) Foyle's War

Oh my, this is so good. It's a British detective show. Set during World War II. It is on Netflix and if you like good things you will like this. It's really good.

5) This post by my friend Kathryn about the Great Gatsby. I have already mentioned her blog, but she just banged out a great new post reflecting on the novel and the movie. She has certainly convinced me to see the movie even though plenty of other reviews would have convinced me (or really, Mike) otherwise, and since I have read the book recently it was great to read what she has to say about it. She's one smart lady and you should click over and read it!


  1. Girl, look at you go with yo school room! It's so cute and I love it! And your girls with their tea..."ditzy cheerleaders with speech impediments". hahaha! :)

  2. LOVE the shorts. My legs are a scary, reflective shade of white so I consider it a public service to NEVER wear shorts.

  3. I will totally check out that netflix rec. Lately my husband's been working at night, but I still want to wind down with a show. It's a conundrum since we watch all our shows together (we're working on Breaking Bad right now). This will give me something that's just mine to watch... unless I spill the beans to him that it's really good, in which case he will want to watch it too :-P

  4. Those shorts (well, the whole outfit) look amazing on you!! Love it :) I'm sure you've mentioned it in your blog before (I'm a new reader) - but, do you have a curriculum you're going with when you start homeschooling? I'm doing research on it now and love to see what others are doing.

  5. Um, TOTALLY cute short...on some TOTALLY awesome legs...please excuse me while I go do some Jillian Michaels... :)

  6. Okay, I need to know if your girls are actually drinking tea!

    I had an ill fated attempt at 'tea time with the saints' at my house where 'tea time' was at three and the boys were SO excited and insisted I make them real tea just like mine and then completely freaked out when they realized they didn't like tea. This went on daily for weeks. I can't back track and make it 'snack time' because apparently it is 'tea time' and nothing I can say will change that and at 'tea time' there must be tea even though no one will drink it but me.

  7. I've been looking for a new show! Bless you.