Monday, September 9, 2013


^^Gotta love the non-pregnant stomach hold. Wait, no you don't. 

A few weeks ago I was catching up on reading one of my new favorite blogs To The Heights by Olivia, who happens to be one the best friends of my sister, Christina. When I saw she was doing a Premiere Designs necklace/bracelet giveaway I figured I would do the old Rafflecopter thing because I always do even though I never win. But then I won!! She was so sweet and amazing and had it sent to me in a matter of days, it was mucho fun to get my own little package in the mail and even more fun that it was so lovely, see set worn in above picture. The second leaf necklace was really just a decoy for Lucy so that she wouldn't chew on the one that I really like. It worked like a charm.

Then this past week while at Grace the Amazing's house, she had a little bag of some cute clothes for me to try on and if they fit, to take home. I felt like I was back at home with one of my sisters who always would let me go through their clothes and take some before they gave them away, so it is pretty much one of my favorite pastimes ever. One of the items I snagged from Grace is the wonderfully comfy and cute green sweater also worn above.

So naturally I wore them together to Mass yesterday and am linking up with the lovely FLAP ladies and giving a big thanks to nice people who give me things. The blog equivalent to a thank you note I guess.

Dress: Old Navy maxi turned dress
Belt: thrifted
Sandals: F21
Sweater: H&M via Grace 
Gold leaf necklace: F21
Necklace/bracelet combo: Premiere Designs via Olivia

I also forced a family picture after Mass because 2 out of the 3 girls were matching and Mike was sort of coordinating with them and we were all wearing some colorful clothing item and I am a little psycho.

Attempt #1, the one that worked
Attempt #2, the one that ended in a tantrum and rushing into the house to get the kids fed and down for naps as fast as was humanly possible.
Can you guess which one was on the verge of an emotional event?

Ok that's enough Hahn pictorals for the rest of your life. Head over to the Fine Linen Ladies for more!


  1. Love the outfit! The necklace is gorgeous and the sweater is such a pretty shade of green. You are one lucky girl to be getting Grace's clothes. Just a wee bit jealous!

  2. Oh Ana, such a pretty outfit! And you look so good for just spending a week in a car with three kids...that itself should get you a prize!

  3. You look beautiful, great outfit!
    Though my first thought when saw the picture was how does she manage to wear jewelry with a baby.

    Signed, currently missing my favorite earrings and necklaces

  4. So relieved to know I'm not the only one who gets excited when my family even remotely color coordinates for Mass! Lovely family picture!!!

  5. Wait...maxi skirt turned into a dress?? How creative are you?!

  6. Love some coordinating outfit pictures. Also love adult hand me downs.

  7. Love that you called her Grace the Amazing - definitely should make that her official title.

  8. I'm going to have to go with Naomi on that one. Love the green sweater!

  9. The jewelry looks great on you, Ana! Love being your twin :)

  10. So cute! Love that sweater! I am fully in awe of your solo adventure with the girls. We're about to leave on trip #2 of Templeton tour de southeast, and I go into full fledged hyperventilation every time I think about it. And I'll have my hubby with me. You might be my hero.

  11. You look amazers! And you're just rubbing elbows with the best of the best. Jealous! Now we just need to figure out a time we can drive to meet each other. One of these days...