Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Christina's Wedding Weekend

Now that I have illicitly lifted enough pictures from various facebook pages of this past wedding weekend, I will share a little of the awesome sauce that it was (thank you Olivia, Kaitlin, Bernadette, and Mary!!). Also, a fun update seems preferable to unloading on the innocent interwebs about how my toddlers are a first class brand of crazy and have been for the past 24 hours since we've arrived home, and how I am a veritable hot mess after leaving my beloved families. Yes, I will stick with an update of the festivities.

First and foremost, my little sister Mary- best MOH ever- put on a top notch bachelorette partay which included a lovely large jug of mojito made by my oldest, and best cocktail making, sister Rebecca- it was really the bomb and I cannot say how many were ingested by yours truly- no less than 2 for sure.

It was so wonderful to get to scoot away sans kidlets at the early hour of 7:30 p.m. and would have been the very best ever if Lucy hadn't smelled that I had left after I laid her down and decided to wake up 20 minutes later scream scream screaming her head off only to be consoled by the food which no one else can give her, and I am not talking about the Eucharist, if only. So I drove alllll the way back to my in-law's, nursed her again, laid her down and went back to drink several more mojitos and watch Christina open some of the cutest, most enviable lingerie I have ever seen. I need to go shopping now.

Then came the sweetest bridal luncheon put on by the bride where we were all given the prettiest jewelry to wear with our BM dresses (sorry I am super immature and I like the abbreviation more than writing out the words) and monogrammed totes AND monogrammed hangers for our dresses. Best bride ever? Second only to one. Ha! Kidding, she is the best.

THEN came the biggest day of them all. Everything went so smoothly, Christina was glowing, JW had to hold back tears when he saw her, I didn't even try to hold them back, and it was so so beautiful. My mother could and most definitely SHOULD write a book on hosting a wedding for your daughter because this was her 5th and- once again- it went off without a hitch. She is so calm throughout all of it and never. stops. moving. Also, she made Christina's beautiful veil- if you are in the market for one head over HERE and buy one.

I know what you're all thinking, or at least what I'm thinking: how the heck did I go the whole weekend without taking so much as one decent picture of all the magic? I am inclined to blame it on having 3 kids, one of whom was with me almost the entire time because all she ever does or thinks about doing is nurse, but that would be a cop-out soooo I just stink.

And I can't even go into a "how we did it" narrative in terms of having 3 kids and me being in the wedding because seriously I could not have done it without my mother-in-law. She was Helpful with a capital H and was constantly offering more and more and MORE help. I am blessed beyond belief. 

Yes, it wass a huge bridal party, and yes, half of it is my sisters. I was so impressed with the fact that Christina was so laid back about which dress we chose, all she gave us was a color swatch and let us pick whatever we wanted from where ever we wanted. I will definitely be wearing mine again some day- it happens to be the shortest one of them all, go figure. All of them were just so cute.

One of my favorite parts of the whole week leading up to the wedding and the weekend itself was that all 7 of my siblings and all of their kids were all together in one place and it was so fabulous. I have done my fair share of crying upon leaving because it is just so sad that I can't be with them more- I laugh more with them than anyone else, except Mike of course. We have so much fun together that is so unique and that I will just never have with other friends. They are such a wonderful group of people and I love love love them and miss them so much already.

Ok, now I have to stop before I turn into a hot mess again.
In short (NOT) it was so wonderful and I am so thrilled for my little sister and ecstatic to have another stand-up guy to call brother.

Now I shall soldier on with lots of potty training and cradle cap removal to look forward to this week, all of which you will most certainly be updated about, like it or NOT.


  1. Ah! Crying all over again reliving it through your post! It really was such a joy to see all of you siblings together, I know it made Chris so happy too :) If only we could do this more often, right?!

  2. I have major wedding dress envy! I swear they weren't as pretty five years ago. Congrats!

  3. Love all the different bridesmaid dresses! It's a great idea, esp for a large party. Was the reception in Weirton? It looks verrry similar to mine... just curious. I'm glad you had a great time with your family! It's never fun adjusting to real life after, though.

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  5. That bridesmaids dress idea is GENIUS! I just got home from a big family reunion on my Dad's side - so I completely know what you mean about leaving family. I also love my siblings more than anything and ALWAYS enjoy being with them. We laugh hysterically about the stupidest family stories. They are the best.

  6. So WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL! So happy for Christina and JW. And I love the pictures of all 8 of you. Such a blessing.

  7. I LOVED reading this post!! Weddings are so very special - and WOW is all I can say about how beautiful the bride and bridesmaids looked (and happy...happy makes everyone even more lovely). What fun for all of you!!

  8. Love this! Your sister was a beautiful bride- her dress and updo are amazing. I also love the different colors of the BM dresses. You're one of eight kids?! Or seven? I can't count. Either way... awesome.