Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Linking up with Hallie for some favorites and the Pleated Poppy for some outfit love.

1) Bernadette must be given the credit that she seriously deserves because she is a potty training champion. The last potty training attempt ended in me and Mike slapping a diaper back on her, hoping that none of us would end up suffering from PTSD from the whole event and wondering whether there is such a thing as a professional potty trainer in town for hire.

Anyways, this time around has been like potty training a different kid and has made me maybe just a teeny tiny bit not entirely loathe the whole potty training a experience as much as I did. A teeny, tiny bit.

2) No matter how awesome of a trainee you have, there is always some amount of cleaning up pee streaked across the house. There were one too many moments of me crawling all over the floor trying to find where all the pee had gone before Lucy crawled into it or licked it and by the weekend's end I had had it. That mixed with the fact that I had been sitting on the floor of the bathroom for hours on end coaching the student and whispering the pee out that by Monday afternoon I felt the very strong desire to get dressed! And be somewhat put together! And feel not covered in pee! Buuuut, we could not go anywhere for too long because of the above listed peeing all over the house problem and not wanting to bring that elsewhere. Enter outfit #1:

Which is inspired by this billboard that I pass all the time

and have been trying to replicate in some fashion for months. I finally picked up a navy blue cardi at Old Navy the other day for very few bones and paired it with the yellow shirt, another item graciously given by Grace, plus an ebay necklace and badabing badaboom, an outfit fit for a potty training queen.

3) By the time Tuesday came and birthday festivities were in full swing, potty training had taken a major turn for the MUCH BETTER and we were able to venture to the mall to play with the 3 year-old in... wait for it... NOT A DIAPER. Therefore to reward myself for my efforts and since I did birth the birthday girl, a with a new pair of $10 jeans from F21 was in order.
(I am just coming to terms with the fact that I think these jeans are actually black.)
Thus the birthday outfit was rendered for a mere $12, since their tees were an sale for $3 a piece. I love it there.

4) One day I might stop linking to my friend Kathryn's posts, but I could not possibly pass up sharing this one with the WWW because it happens to be covering my very favorite show of all time: Breaking Bad. I really loved Jen's a while back too, and if you like the show even a little you should totes go forth and ENJOY.

5) Last birthday mention on the blog I promise, but I am a bit obsessed with this picture from last night:

Her favorite person bringing her her new favorite food on her favorite day ever. Love it all.


  1. That birthday picture is so cute--you can just see how happy she is! I like your yellow and blue cardigan outfit, and I also appreciated the story that it was inspired by a billboard!

  2. Yay for birthday girls and potty training success - and $10 jean rewards!

  3. Yay for potty success and new outfits!
    Wearing the official best shoes for fall, at least according to me ~ thanks again for the tip.

  4. I'm working on potty training my second child as well. How old is Bernadette? Joseph turned three in August and he really just wants me to put the diaper on him. Potty training is so takes a lot of least it does for me!