Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to Lucy!

One year ago today I was living the high life, sitting pretty and postpartum in my posh post-delivery suite and staring at the baby who made me wait through 2 long weeks of early labor before I could kiss her sweet cheeks, but I'm going to go ahead and say it was definitely worth it.


The world would certainly be a sadder one without you in it, Lucy Josephine:

You've come a long way since your Cardinal Dolan days and your hair has finally stopped standing straight up in the back. I hold firmly that you are our most verbal 1-year-old so far, no matter what your father says :)

Your favorite things to say are:
  • Dookadat!: "look at that"
  • BAWL: "ball"
  • NO NO NO (while wagging your finger)
  • nigh nigh: good night
and many more, none of which are "Mama", which I am in no way bitter about at all.

You have just cut a bunch of teeth which I am hoping is to blame for your erratic night wakings and if you could choose to be doing anything in world I think you would choose these three, in order of priority: 1) playing in the toilet or licking it, 2) playing in Naomi and Bernadette's room with them with the door closed or 3) nursing. We are working in weening, but you do not seem as interested in that as I am.

You have THE best and cutest relationship with your dad, much more than your sisters did at your age and while it may have arisen out of necessity (i.e. me neeeeeding your dad's help with you while I wrangle the older ones) it is so genuine and sweet and you love him so, so much.

We've had a great day so far complete with the customary birthday donut,

gift opening, which incidentally would have been super lame if not for the very best grandparents in the world on both sides, who made sure to have gifts here at the house on your big day.

After your morning slumber, we hit up the mall play place because it is your favorite play area with all of the equipiment being just the right size for you and way to small for your older sisters. They were not complaining one bit.

You've been so sweet all day and definitely know that something very special is happening. Every time someone sings "happy birthday to you" you dance and do this weird happy screech.

Big thank you to Aunt Becca for the sweet outfit!!
Count this as my formal request for you to stop growing. Right now.
Your sappy mother.


  1. Oh Lucy, how did you get so ginormous? It's not fair!

    Also, Mary is still not super verbal but mama is one of the words she DOES say...and lemme just tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be. I mean, no offense to my baby or anything but my goodness, will you please holler someone else's name for a few hours???

  2. Gosh she's cute. The ginger mop is to die for.

  3. Can't believe she is 1!! Happy birthday to Lucy!! She is so so precious.

  4. 1st Birthdays are the best!! Glad you guys could celebrate!

  5. Happy birthday Lucy!!

    today is our Avie's birthday as well!!!! : )

  6. Happy BIRTHDAY Lucy!!!! She is so stinkin cute - her teeth are the BEST!! And what is it with the third being in love with Daddy? Roman is the same way!

  7. Made me feel like I was there. Miss you guys.