Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5 Favorites and the Jesse Box Giveaway Winner!!!!

I am issuing my first official complaint of the season about the stupid freezing cold and how kids cooped up in the house is the worst. I tried a total of 1 time to go out with them today and there were approximately 16 attempts to destroy my sanity in 30 seconds with one child refusing to use any of her given faculties to do any of the tasks required before exit from the house on her own, and once we got outside all parties were in pain from the piercing cold winds. So we stayed home and I am regretting it every second, listening to multiple miniature cat fights from the other room and praying that they will forget that I exist just long enough for me to pound out some favorites and link up with Hallie because otherwise I will just sit in here and wallow...

--I had approximately 5 minutes to type the above paragraph before one of the craziest sisterly spats I've ever heard broke out necessitating a fast pace mom sprint to the play room and one 3-year-old going promptly down for a nap an hour and a half early, which for me was like a gorilla attack on my entire day.---

Onward and upward, I have about 9 1/2 minutes to get this done:
1) The Jesse Box giveaway winner is.....

Katrina of Cedars and Tiny flowers!! While it may seem like I am playing favorites with my fellow South Bender, I promise you that the rafflecopter spoke and I do not question the rafflecopter. Congratulations, Katrina and I already have your address so I will get the ball rolling to get you your prize asap!

2) My sister is having her first little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This news pretty much made my week. I went to visit her and her 4 sweet boys in September, 3 of whom are pictured above, and I just cannot wait to see those cuties with a baby sister. I am already scoping out adorable baby girl garb for her for Christmas. Here was the announcement stolen via facebook, cutest ever.

3) Morning Egg Muffin

When time and circumstances permit, my very favorite thing to scarf down at lightning speed in the a.m. is one egg, a little cheese and ham slapped on a toasted English muffin. It is most definitely the breakfast of champions. And I am a champion.

4) My walking Lucy

DSCF0025 from Ana Hahn on Vimeo.
Sorry for the double up from facebook, but it just doesn't get old. I have never burst into tears when any child has hit a milestone except for this one. It really caught me off guard and I was thinking it would be at least another month but then she decided otherwise.

5)Just One French Terry leggings in black
^ And as Mike would say: "where are your pants?". Whatev.

I found these at TJ Max last week and wish I could just somehow adhere them to my person for the rest of my days. They are so comfy and warm and I love them.


  1. Oh the walking! You've got to love it!

    And every time I wear my boots (similar to yours) my husband asks if I'm going horseback riding. My response: whatevs! :)

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! This so makes my day. Keep it until you come over for a play date (ahem, to meet my mother-in-law ;)) sometime next week :) Or hopefully we get nice weather back, and we can go to the park because amen to your first paragraph.

    YAY Lucy!!!

  3. You probably don't want to hear me complain about how in LA it was already 80 degrees at 7am and I'm mad because it's way too hot to make soup but it is November and I WANT TO EAT SOUP.

  4. I hear ya on the egg sammy. I have one nearly every morning…except I use bacon…. mmmmm bacon.

  5. YAY for your sister!!! And you look gorgeous in that outfit!

  6. Lucy is adorable. And I pity you the South Bend winter. Today, it actually dipped into the 30's in the ATL and my children thought we had become the frozen tundra and refused to go outside - southern blood and all that. Thankfully, the 50's are reappearing by the end of the week.

  7. You can totally absolutely pull off the leggings and boots and untucked button up shirt look! And I believe you may have inspired me to try again (though I might get the same reaction from my hubs!)

  8. You ARE a champion if you can eat that deliciousness in the morning! Yum!

    And I love those leggings...I want some now...

  9. People who hate on leggings as pants have clearly never known the deliciously comfy awesomeness of leggings as pants:P
    And I love those ones! In my Amazon cart they goooooo!