Monday, November 11, 2013

thinking out loud

I love being a stay-at-home mom, more than anything. I have never been the type who feels the need to be back out in the world amongst the rest of civilization at a job, I've just never been a go-getter like that. I do, however, love adult conversation. I think I am an extrovert and I have heard other people refer to me as "sanguine" and while at first I thought they were calling names and mispronouncing the technical name for the beloved Arctic bird, I soon realized they were just using some "temperament lingo" and calling me outgoing. "Loads of adult conversation" is not one of the components in the job description of stay-at-home mommery.

I'm also one of those unfortunate people who has a hard time not saying everything I am thinking and who doesn't like lulls in conversation and so fill them up with whatever crap is filling my brain right then. But since no one is here to give me an awkward lull to fill and the web is omnipresent listening ear, and since that's what this blog is for, right? right, here I go.

- How many noodles is too many noodles to give to Lucy to make her happy while I type this? We'll see I guess.

- Where did Lucy's personality some from? In the last 2 days she has transformed from a baby to a border-line toddler. I am currently fearing for my life.

-When oh when does the potty training phase end where the child is constantly waiting until the verylastsplit second until he/she is desperate to get to the facilities, in fact too desperate to actually get there in time? So much waste clean up, so so much.
-How long does the phase last where your pre-school aged girls are constantly telling oyu how pretty you look? It does not matter what I am wearing, they proclaim- particularly Bernadette- that I look "SO PRETTY!" every time I walk in the room. I want it to last forever and ever, but I fear it's life will be all too short.

-How long is too long to spend perusing Twice and thredUP? I am super late to the game with both sites, but am completely sold and have spend at least 27 too minutes on each site and now have carts full on both sites while I discern whether to press the "purchase" button.

- Would I ever divulge to anyone in person (obviously I would via the webs) how many minutes I have thought about what I should wear to the store solo tonight? Probably 10, but still, is that weird? I am just so excited to venture out alone and I want to treat it like I am going out on the town just to make the most of it.

-To straighten or blow dry the hair, that is the question?

-Does this outfit work?

-To straighten, that is the answer.

-What can I throw together for dinner with sour cream, deli meat, frozen chicken and frozen blueberries? I'm thinking a casserole.

-What sorts of bribery and/or smooth talking would need to take place in order to convince Mike to let me go to Jen's and Hallies' little gathering in the summer?

I would go on, but I can hear the deep mouth breathing due to a deep comatose state brought on by intense boredom. 
Completely unrelated outside pictures care of Mike raking approximately 37 piles of leaves for the girls to dive in over the weekend. Best dad evs.


  1. I don't know about the husband bribery, but let me know what works for you. I wanna go so badly.
    Yes to the outfit, I like. I went solo to Target a week ago and it felt like a vacation. Enjoy! ;)
    I'm no help on the potty training front. I'm failing in that as a parent.

  2. Noodles are probably better than cheezits, which is what I throw to the babies when I want them to leave me alone!
    And yes to the outfit but can you add a belt?i think it needs more structure.

  3. If I had written this post, I could easily have pondered how many minutes were too many to spend wondering how to get myself to Texas this Summer! If you find a way to smooth talk Mike, please share the secret. Other than that, I'm thinking maybe a money tree in the backyard would help me out... yes, that would do it....

    You look darling. I'd love to see the dress without the cardi though... is it sleeveless?

  4. Love the outfit! I would totally wear that to church or on date night. Enjoy your alone time!

  5. Yes the outfit works, enjoy your time out!
    I too am interested in how I sweet talk my way to Austin next July!!

  6. Love the outfit - totally cute! And the potty training question? I had one that waited until the VERY LAST SECOND until he was almost 6. Sorry to say that, but I think he was so busy and so social that he couldn't be bothered until desperation set in!

  7. All of these pictures are the best. And I think we might be the same person? This is my favorite blog post of yours yet because I can totally relate. Maybe I should start a blog to save Jon from being used as my verbal trash receptacle when he gets home from work, because as soon as we walks in the door everything that I've been thinking all day just explodes through my mouth and the poor man has no where to go…maybe that's why he wanted to move to KY--because I hear bourbon can take off some of the edge of talkative cloistered wives haha

  8. I see you're starting that sweet talking..."best dad evs".... :-)

  9. Lol… I loved this post! First time visiting your blog:) I like your 'thinking out loud' style!

  10. I enjoy reading your blog. It makes me laugh and think back to when I was younger and things were still new (now I am 20ish years older with children 3 -15). When I saw you list of ingredients, it made me immediately think of one of our favorite recipes - Grilled Chicken Salad with Feta, Fresh Corn, and Blueberries from Pioneer Woman, with a few modifications :)

  11. Woohoo team sanguine! Sometimes on the way to social events I get the worst anxiety because I want so badly to spend time with people, but I am awful at small talk because I hate lulls!!
    My husband once said to me 'I always know how you feel because you tell me' so I guess I tend to let it all out, this is a great post! I think it should be a daily mom thoughts link up! :)

    Love the outfit, hair looks great! :) it of jealousy over your solo shopping trip! Hope you enjoyed it!!

  12. Yesss on the outfit. And, your Mike better make the trip happen. I wanna meetcha.