Friday, November 29, 2013

7 QT: pie fiction and another giveaway!

Linking up with Jen for some quick takes this black Friday, and adding a "recipe" (if you can call it that) to Cari's Thanksgiving recipe link-up. Double whammy!

1) First and foremost, there is a giveaway at the end of the post- don't miss out on it!

2) Second, here is another giveaway, an unofficial one. I got on my computer this morning to check my email and I saw this in the search bar of my internet browser : "contra faustum" elemosina. Obviously Mike had been using my computer late last night to search for some crazy stuff, and I will give a prize to anyone who knows what that means off the top of his/her head.

3) Since we were just hanging out with ourselves this Thanksgiving, we decided to take advantage of campus and a not-so-little feast that they have for the holiday. They give an amazing discount to grad students for tickets and so we enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal, for next to no money at all, and I came home to a clean house and took a nap. It was amazing.

Then we erected our Christmas tree, because that's how we roll.

4) I made a pecan pie for dessert, which we enjoyed with some wonderful friends in the evening. I had to make something or else I would certainly have felt like a colossal failure.

I used the recipe on the back of the Karo syup bottle, which is basically sugar+nuts=pie. It was a crazy experience.

5) After making my first pecan pie, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to imagine how on earth the first maker of the ridiculously sugar packed pastry came up with it. This is the scenario I think works best. I have done no actual research, so you can place this scene anywhere on the timeline of the earth's history and I think it could work.

--Mertle and Ethel are at the annual Christmas party, sitting and picking at the bowl of pecans. They are on their 4th glass of wine each.--

Mertle: Ethel, these pecans are incredible. They are SO GOOD.
Ethel: Why yes they are , Mertle. These are best damn pecans I have ever had in my life! (Polishes off the remains of her fourth glass, scans roon for the wine stash)
Mertle (in a hushed tone): but do you know what would make them better?
Ethel (also hushed and excited): what???
Mertle: I will show you.

Unbeknownst to the host of the party, the two intoxicated ladies grab the bowl of nuts, sneak into the kitchen, and scour the cupboards for ingredients to improve the pecans. Mertle makes the exciting discovery.

Mertle: I found it! A bottle of Karo syrup!
Ethel: GREAT! Dump it over the nuts! And here is a bowl of sugar, they NEED MORE SUGAR!
Mertle: Pour it in! And look in the freezer for a pie crust. If you just dump a few eggs in this and some butter, this would make a fabulous PIE!!

Ethel stumbles to the freezer and finds the frozen crust, they just barely manage to get it in the oven before the host catches them, but it was too late, the pie was created, and the world would never be the same. Or at least pecans wouldn't.

6) The sick thing is that I have eaten half the pie.

7) Lastly, in honor of the beginning of Advent this Sunday, I'd like to draw your attention to sweet Bley and her wonderful handmade printable Jesse Tree ornaments. She is so gracious and would like 2 readers to have their very own set and all you have to do is enter in the rafflecopter below. It includes one instant digital download PDF for easy print out if you win and we'll have it go through Sunday so you can get started for a great start to your Advent! Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Those ornaments are beautiful. I love that they are all the same color. Yes, your pie scenario sounds about right. But with my inlaws, they use Karo pancake syrup. Soooo sweet.

  2. Would love a chance at the ornaments!

  3. I'd love to start the Jesse Tree tradition with our boys! And I love the simplicity of the ornaments.

  4. I love those simple (yet way beyond anything I could do).

  5. That pie looks delicious! And starting the Jesse Tree tradition with our boys would be a fantastic experience.

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  7. I would love to start doing the Jesse Tree with my kids. We would love to make some of these beautiful ornaments! Thanks!

  8. The hand-painted are beautiful and very excited about maybe winning the Jesse Tree ones.

  9. Everything is so beautiful! I can't handle it! The flower cards are my favorite at this moment right now. The Jesse Tree ornaments are amazing and I would love to have them for my family!

  10. I love her drawings and need more advent decor.

  11. Next time, use the Karo syrup bottle pecan pie recipe, but sub whiskey instead of vanilla and double the amount. That's my secret family recipe, and it is basically the best thing ever.

  12. My mother-in-law made an amazing pecan pie this T-giving.
    No this is not spam. ;) It was to die for!

  13. Was Mike searching for references to almsgiving in Augustine's "Contra Faustum"?

    ... but I'm probably cheating by being a medievalist.