Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Saint Nicholas Day Gift Guide (and a giveaway!)

Is it obvious who is not traveling anywhere over this holiday? It may be the case that blogging is my escape from feeling kind of sad that I won't be seeing any of my dear famalam for Thanksgiving, and if there is one thing I have always turned to blogging for, it is comfort. So today I am busting out with a little Saint Nicholas gift guide for peoples young and old. We are always with our families over the Christmas break, hence why we're staying put right now, and so our big gift giving day has turned into Saint Nicholas day. While I realize most people keep the time of giving gifts to the actual Christmas holiday, I know the small gift in the shoe is a tradition lots of people hold to. Below are a few religiously themed gifts that would make great small-ish shoe stuffers for Saint Nicholas day.

The first is very new to us, a little book called I'm Bernadette! by Emily Ortega. It is one of the sweetest books I have read with the girls, we just loved it. It came at a wonderful time for us too because it is centered around All Saints' Day which I tried really hard to make a big deal out of this year and sort of succeeded. It is narrated by the little girl, Bernadette, and has the sweetest, most true-to-life tone. It also has a host of wonderful subtle lessons about lots of different saints that various kids in the book are going to dress up as for their school's celebration (I had no idea until we read this book that Saint Hedwig was a woman, always thought man). I thoroughly recommend the book to any parents trying to give their children a great appreciation for the saints and especially for such a great feast day of the Church.

2)Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives: Inspirational Stories of the Saints

And keeping it in the same vein, I really love this collection of the lives of the saints. For a while I was reading to the girls about a saint every day, but only out of this super old lives of the saints book that had no pictures and crazy long descriptions of the saints, needless to say it did not go over very well. Now I try to read from this one occasionally, though not every day, and it has beautiful illustrations and the lessons about the saints are much more reasonable in length.

These puppies have been a staple for a very long time here at the Hahn house. They are a little silly, but ultimately they are wonderful. The ones that I have actually watched with the girls are accurate in the information they do give about the saints, even if they do leave a lot out, there is only so much you can do in 28 minutes. And even though the animation is iffy and the songs SUPER cheese ball, I think they are my favorite videos we own since they afford me the least guilt filled screen time minutes of all. I especially love the Nicolas one pictured above, which we will be busting out and watching way too much with advent and Christmas upon us, but you can find a bunch more here and here .

4)Rich Mullins
We love Rich Mullins. Say what you will, but we love him. The girls know so many of his songs by heart since they are almost the only thing we listen to in the car (and Dave Matthews, and sometimes Rogue Wave. The best admixture of different genres of music ever.) I love that they know the Creed from singing his song and I love that they've learned some scripture through the songs. I know he sometimes gets a mixed reaction from people because of Awesome God, but if you want well written Christian music, you need look no further than Rich.

5) Rosary CD and DVD Set

Lastly, and certainly not least, is the giveaway! Elizabeth and I went to college together and she recently sent me a copy of her Rosary DVD and CD set for us to try and to giveaway to a blog reader, because she is super sweet! She and her husband run a little business called "Design My Rosary", which is doing great things, and the Rosary DVD and CD set are following suit with all the good work. We do not really ever end up getting to the rosary and we did it not once, but TWICE this week thanks to the DVD.

It has this wonderful element where there is a visual of a rosary at the bottom of the screen that lights up as you move from bead to bead and it was the first time that Naomi actually tried to follow along on her own rosary. That combined with the beautiful art work with each mystery and I would say it would be a great addidtion to any Catholic home, whether you have children or not.
Such a pious bunch.

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  1. lol I don't mind that you're still blogging! Even if I am traveling, it'll be nice to read some a new post while everyone else is watching football (of which I don't particularly enjoy) :-) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I think the Jesse Box will be Ryan's St. Nick's present :) Although you can't really fit that in a size 6 shoe ...

    I loved those movies when I was a kid so I should start stocking up on them. How neat would it be for Ryan to run around asking for St. Nick rather than Dinosaur Train?

    Those pictures of the girls praying the rosary just warm my heart. So wonderful.

  3. Love Rich Mullins!
    Excited about the Rosary Kit give-away, thanks!

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  5. You had me at Rich Mullins.

    And my resolution this Advent is to get more rosary into the day-to-day, and that dvd has caught my eye. Thank you!

  6. one of my favorite memories, Ana, was seeing Rich Mullins perform at FUS! Can you believe it? He sang I am the Bread of Life- it was awe.some. soooo awesome.
    You need to check out the new Shining Lights St. Nicholas doll. I may have just ordered it for our Advent mantle! (okay, I did) and today they're 10% off on amazon with THXS2013 code at checkout. I soooo don't get anything from that rec other than the joy of others finding out about these adorable little dolls! Perfect for little girls shoes OR stockings!! Wait till you see the Marian dolls.
    Our shoe tradition has morphed into all the kids getting a big collective basket of goodies. I try to keep things religious and ordered each of them a CCC DVD and Sophia a Brother Francis dvd about Christmas.
    Can you tell I'm a little excited about Advent and St. Nick's day??

  7. Love the gift recommendations! I went to grad school with the Meg, the illustrator of "I'm Bernadette!"--that book is definitely on our wish list :)