Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Together

One day into the snow and I am kiiiiind of done. So I'm just going to go ahead and throw out the inaugural complainy post about cabin fever. The days end up kind of feeling like someone has transported me from the confines of my home to those of an asylum.The basic conversational tone is utterly confusing, super fast paced, and moving from one ridiculous thing to another because nobody is happy doing whatever they are doing for any longer than 15-30 seconds.

Immediately upon coming in from another jaunt outside for which we spent no less than 15 minutes preparing for and no more than 15 minutes actually being outside, we were all set to have a nice peaceful cup of hot chocolate. The way it actually went down ended with me feeling like I just ran a small marathon and ready for a drink at 11 a.m. Such is this life.

Naomi: I really want hot chocolate, with marshmallows in it.

Ana: I will put them in and you can have a spoon to eat them out.

Both girls: Ok YAY!!! We love marshmallows!

3 seconds into drinking the hot chocolate

Naomi: I need more hot chocolate. And marshmallows.

Bernadette: I need more hot chocolate, but no marshmallows. I just want cheese and crackers. But I won't dip the cheese, I will just dip the crackers. It tastes disgusting when you dip the cheese.

3 seconds later

Bernadette: I am done with my hot chocolate!!

Runs away without eating cheese or crackers.

Naomi: I need more hot chocolate. I just want marshmallows on the side

Pour her more hot chocolate. Give her more marshmallows. 

Naomi: I just want hot chocolate. No marshmallows, I don't like marshmallows. Can I have more hot chocolate? OH! I see you already gave me some, I didn't see it there (chugs hot chocolate) now can I have more hot chocolate? (sings to herself: ♫ to the right the right to left to the left, now walk it by yourself♫) Did you hear me mom? Did you hear the song I was just singing? I am done with my hot chocolate.

Bernadette (runs back in): I got hot chocolate on my shirt, so I need a new one.
She goes to grab a shirt and runs out with a shirt.
Bernadette: Mom, is this a shirt?!?!?
She runs out before I can answer. But it was, in fact, a shirt.

Notice how thus far I was able to speak only once. There were no other openings for me to say anything.

At some point Bernadette came back out, not clad in the aforementioned shirt, but rather in a 6-12 month old's onesie. Good thing we're not going anywhere. Ever again.

Then we marched around the coffee table at least 30 times singing the Turtles Happy Together, replacing all the "You"s with "Lus" for Lucy. And everyone is happy. Albeit entirely insane.


  1. lol I'm not sure what it is about the cold weather and things just not going like they should, but we're having the same problems over here.

  2. LOL, your girls are hilarious :) My boys never make any sense regardless of the weather....not sure what that says about our household, lol!

  3. snow big boo! but yeah to all the hot chocolate. Here in soCal if i need a sweater i need a cup of cocoa.

  4. I love it! I share in the chaos over here. My middle son has this new idiosyncrasy developed where, if ANY amount of ANY liquid lands ANYwhere on ANY of his clothing, it's time for a change. Unfortunately, he also 'leaks' a little in his underwear before he makes it to the bathroom. Just a tiny bit. This lazy mom says, "That's fine, it will dry out on its own." Her son says, "Mom! I wet my pants!" And then proceeds to change his underwear… five to ten times, daily. And then when I actually need a pair, they are all dirty. Because I'm too lazy to wash a load of underwear every six hours… Okay, not actually that often…

    I tried to say, "Do you need to wear a diaper, like a baby?" I thought it would deter him from this habit. To my discouragement, he said, "Yes! I diaper!"

    Pfbbbbb. :)

  5. Yup, sounds about right!
    Hope you are getting the chance to sip something warm and wonderful yourself.

  6. It's not snowing here, but it's rainy and cold, and several of my people have not been out of their pajamas in almost 48 hours. Enough said.

  7. This is so hilarious and deja vu. Oh, the endless days of nonsensical conversations and incessant squabbles. At the time, it seemed like an eternity in duration. And now, just a blip on the screen.