Friday, December 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes {Feast Day Style}

Joining Jen for some Friday quick ones! 

1) Happy feast of Saint Lucy, party people! We are having a fabulous feast over here completely with sweaty 25 degree weather, which is practically tropical compared to the 4 degree days we were having earlier this week. Look! No coat!

2) I am a little overly proud of myself for doing a few "traditional" things for the feast day. I read somewhere that the eldest girl of the house is supposed to wear a wreath of evergreen with candles on it and serve coffee and sweet rolls to the whole family. Here is my rendition:

No evergreen, so cheaply fashioned fabric rose head gear with birthday candles it was! Plus Bernadette created her own role in the day by dressing up as the "virgin of the Immaculate Conception", and all parties were happy. Naomi did flip on the coffee switch as well, which she was extremely excited about.

3) I made this overnight cinnamon roll recipe to serve this morning and let's just say- in a hushed whisper tone so as to not offend- it blew pioneer woman's out of the water. Just saying. Although I did still use her amazing maple frosting recipe because it will always kick every other cinnamon roll frosting's behind.

4) Lucy was especially excited about the sugar-filled breakfast she enjoyed in honor of her name sake and patroness and was in rare form during the consumption:

5) I wrote this post on Saint Lucy's feast day last year and woke up this morning feeling all the same things I felt last year on this day that inspired me to write it. But I will spare you another rant of a post about how I love my fertility and love having babies and just link to it if you're interested.

6) Off the feast day topic and on to a very important question: do you read Regina's blog? Please say "yes" because if not you are missing out! Read this one that she wrote yesterday first since it encapsulates the awesomeness of the blog and hilarious wit ever-present in all of her posts. Go forth!

7) I have been GREATLY enjoying this Advent at Ephesus cd so far this... wait for it... Advent.
I am usually a big cheater and have all my Christmas cds blaring waaaay pre-Christmas, and I am NOT an uptight no-tree-or-Christmas-decor-any-earlier-than-the-actual-birth-of-Christ type person, for proof just check it. But this cd is my ticket to trying to be a little bit more focused on the preparation part of the season, I highly recommend it.


  1. First, I love your outfit, I want that sweater.
    Second, thank you for posting that cinnamon roll recipe, I made pioneer woman's one Christmas a few years ago and I was disappointed with the result...I am going to try this one!
    Third, Happy Feast day to Lucy!!!!

  2. Ok, weirds Q, but it was on my mind: how did you include B in today's feast since it was L's feast day and N is the eldest?

  3. I was thinking about actually celebrating St. Lucy's feast day this year, but until I read this post, I didn't realize it was the 13th already! Oops....too late for making cinnamon rolls now. But I might save that recipe to try out for Christmas morning. I tried Pioneer Woman's orange rolls once, and it was the most horrible disaster ever. So I've been wary to attempt her regular ones, despite everyone raving about them.

  4. Love the little headband with candles! And she looks so happy to be serving the cinnamon rolls!

  5. Loving, pinning and filing away your take on how to observe this feast day!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Loving the outfit and the "oldest daughter" bit!

  7. I am always on the hunt for the perfect cinnamon roll recipe, so you are a goddess for sharing! And I totally agree about the PW frosting - the best.

  8. Thanks for the shout out with the cinnamon rolls- we love them too!! I'll have to try that maple frosting sometime, though, because that sounds amazing!

  9. So awesome that you've established such wonderful traditions-love it!

  10. So, I tried your suggestion of switching out PW's cinnamon rolls for the other recipe. I feel blasphemous even typing this, but they were TOTALLY better. I am converted, and you are to blame/thank.