Thursday, March 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen for some quick takes because Mike is out tonight so me and the blog are a'snugglin instead. Weird, sorry.

1) I don't know how you moms with husbands who work all the time during the bedtime hour do it. Well, I sort of do because there have been lots of stints where Mike works all evening, but I have repressed those and during ordinary time I rely so heavily on sending him to the next girl knocking on the door or rattling the locked handle so hard they are surely about to break it off to lay down the law. I don't know, they're crazy and they almost took me with them tonight. Bernadette is still awake and has just declared that while she will say many prayers in her bed, she will NOT be sleeping at all tonight. So we'll see how it all goes.

2) There is a roll of Toll House cookie dough in the fridge which is intended for the construction of the world's greatest birthday ice cream cake and which I have had to use record breaking amounts of self restraint to not tear open and devour with wild cookie dough eating fury. If it makes it to Saturday I think I deserve a medal, or my own roll of cookie dough. Mike claims I am just making this awesome cake so that I can blog about it but he should know better because, really? I barely blog anymore.

3) Speaking of that, you friends who were so sweet to comment on my all-too-annoying post earlier, a hearty thank you and much love from me. That post was one of the top 5 posts that I most regretted publishing because ohmygosh Ana will you just stop complaining about your blog? Who cares! People have real problems, planes are getting sucked into black holes and other crap and blog or don't blog just stop whining about it. Either way, you sweet blog readers are just so darn sweet and I am sure I will keep plaguing your readers much longer than you really want me to. The end.

4) Ok, on to much better blogging and interwebs stuffs. Everyone knows Jenna, I am sure. She is the bomb and her daughter is hysterical, literally the funniest toddler on the earth. Vellllll, Jenna just opened the most fabulous little Etsy shop ever and I pretty much love and want every single item. She is ubber talented in the embroidery department and has melded her skills with accessorizing, it is amazing. Head over and check it out and just try not to buy her entire inventory because I would like some things too.
 Check it!

5) I am pretty much dying to see what Colleen pops out SOON! Boy? Girl? Either way it is sure to be adorable like the rest of the Martin clan. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

6) Can somebody please tell me where to get an amazing pair of maternity leggings that 1) stay up i.e. do not slide down in the belly and crotchal area? The world needs to be spared from any more sightings of Ana hiking up her leggings in the parking lot because they are practically around her ankles. And 2) Are NOT $80? I will not spend more the 20 bones and even that is really stretching it. Help a large mother out?

7) I have probably posted this video before, but I just realized that if all else fails, this video can lift me out of whatever funk I am in and just make me happy. Every. Single. Time. I will always love Bed Intruder best of all the videos.


  1. Totally with you on #1 and #5… I have just about ZLITCH-O self-restraint when it comes to cookie dough. I even ate it when I was pregnant with my 3rd and I felt slightly guilty. But then she turned out okay so now I know eating cookie dough while pregnant is semi-acceptable. Gave the drinking red wine while pregnant a try with #2 and can mark that off as semi-acceptable. Who knows what I'll end up trying if/when pregnant with numero 4.

  2. I'm so glad you're not giving up blogging. We who read this would miss you and do. Don't take that add pressure to post more because you are certainly entitled to breaks. But I'm glad you're still here.

  3. I never found leggings that did the job solo, but I could keep my trusty $12 old navy beauties at attention with the blanqi (shut up about the damn blanqi jenny. Sorry. Can't.) pulled down over the waistband. I don't know, maybe I just have a weird butt?

  4. You can run and tell that!

  5. I didn't have a problem with leggings when I was pregnant. That's what happens when you have thighs large enough to hold up your pants. Eat that cookie dough, that should help with that. :)

  6. Have you tried Old Navy's maternity leggings? I wore them through the last two pregnancies, and I'm a fan. But, then I don't mind the over-the-belly stretchy panel on them. But they do stay up!

  7. Can you tell I am just catching up with my feed reader? And HUGE hugs to you. Huge. Thank you for the shout out, lady!