Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Belly Buds: Part 2

Welllllllllllllllll Lauren and I wanted to do a "Belly Buds: Gender Reveal" and make a big deal out of it, but then my excitement got the better of me and I could not restrain a blog post for that many days. But don't think you got off the hook and are going to get out of copious gratuitous pregnancy deats from the 2 of us, no no, we're still posting.

I am super excited that Lauren is having a little girl because now we can go ahead and hop on the arranged marriage train with Hahn Boy and Johnson Girl, a match made in heaven. Or at least in Indiana and Alabama.

So here you go, another edition of:

+ What did you think you were having and what was your reaction when you found out?+

Ana: Well I have already posted about how I thought it was a boy and I already let you all know that I totally cried when we found out, but I'll always share more. I kept thinking that I was seeing the region as the tech was trying to find out the gender for us, and I wasn't seeing anything, which generally means girl. That was the first time I felt any disappointment about the possibility of having a girl. Then the tech found the real region and I realized that I was not looking at the right spot previously and then she let us know it was a boy. I was so surprised and emotional, as always, and cried like a little baby. 

Lauren: I didn't have any strong feeling of boy or girl. Emma was really praying for a sister and we spent so much time prepping her for a brother that I think we were all a little shocked when we found out we were having a girl! We took all three kids to the ultrasound and when the tech announced the gender, Emma and Kolbe had the biggest grin. We were all just excited and enjoying the moment. Well, except Joshua who spent the entire time laying on my neck and shoulders, unsure about the dark room and the little machine on mommy's belly.
^Match made in Picasa.

+ How have you been feeling now that your breezing through the second trimester?+

Ana: Definitely better than a few weeks ago and since I don't want to be annoying with complaints about insomnia and continued fatigue, I will stop there. Oh wait, I think that was still complaining.

Lauren: I definitely have more energy during the day, which is awesome.  But I think pregnancy is flying by because I am distracted by our busy schedules. I am really looking forward to Easter break and some quality family time.
+ What food do you crave the most?+

Ana: If I could eat Thai food every single day I would. I would also be a solid 300 pounds, so I don't.

Lauren: I have been craving lots of fruits and smoothies. It's funny how being outside and enjoying the spring weather inspires healthy food cravings...And maybe a few scoops of ice cream.

+  What is your weirdest pregnancy dream thus far?+

Ana: I am having such a  hard time coming up with the weirdest one because, seriously? Pregnancy dreams be CRAY! What in the world is it that causes the madness? I have had more dreams that I am being captured or am some sort of drug lord countless times so far. I had one recently that Mike and I were living in the basement of my old childhood parish and we couldn't ever come out because the people were always eating coffee and donuts. And I also have a whole lot of dreams that something is happening in real time, like right then. Last night I had a dream that Naomi was in the hall way, right at that moment in the middle of the night, rolling on the floor screaming, waking everyone up and then when I asked her what was wrong she said she was just pretending to get everyone to wake up. I woke up completely enraged and confused as to whether that really just happened. It messes with the head, I tell you.

Lauren: I can't remember any recent dreams that were just really weird. To be honest, most of the dreams I wake up remembering are about this family conference that I am helping to plan. The details that I am in charge of have been haunting me at night, but thankfully the conference is this weekend, so maybe I can go back to having normal/weird pregnancy dreams. Is that something to hope for? Not sure.

+ What is your favorite part of being pregnant?+

Ana: The few times I have felt this little boy move around. It has taken sooooo long this time around to feel anything and my fragile worry wart heart was having a really hard time handling that. I still feel so little movement for being almost 20 weeks, but every time I do it pretty much makes my entire day. That is something about being pregnant that will just never ever get old, I love it.

Lauren: I am just beginning to feel our little girl move around and I love that feeling! I am excited for the day when Dan and the kids can feel her kicks too.

+ What is your least favorite part?+
Ana: Insomnia and my doctor's constant nagging about my weight gain. Every appointment feels like an audition for America's Next Top Model. Not that i know what that is like, but I imagine it's a little bit like my appointments.

Lauren: I haven't had trouble sleeping due to being physically uncomfortable, yet. So I will probably complain about that in another post. I guess right now my least favorite part is wearing compression stockings on my right leg every day because of my varicose veins. Maxi skirts have become a staple in my wardrobe. :)


  1. I just had a dream the other night that was one of those "real time" dreams. I dreamed I was walking into my bathroom and dropped my new iphone and was happy the case worked and the phone was fine. This morning at breakfast my hubby asked if I had dropped my phone yet and I answered "yes" and then started to explain how the case worked great and it just popped off on one corner...and then I realized I had dreamed that!! Whoops, family just looked at me like I'm losing it, but seriously the dream was so real.

    1. Also, every first trimester of my pregnancies, without fail, I have had a dream of kissing a boy from my high school days. It's never been the same person and the person is never even someone I dated, or maybe was even attracted to back then. But he is always the best kisser in my dream. I wake up thinking "I would have definitely gone on a date with him if I knew he could kiss like that!"

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