Sunday, October 26, 2014

excuses, excuses...

What can I say? I am the worst, that's what. Worst blogger evah. But let me try to explain the absence that I am sure no one actually missed.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I blogged about the celebration of the day Lucy was born and that is the last time I let my e-pressence be known via the blogging community. It really feels like that was 2 months ago, not 2 weeks because:

1: The Flu-

Oh my lanta, if being a mother is hard, than being a mom and having the flu- like the full on high fever, body aches and pains, horrible burning throat and throbbing head for no less than 5 days is straight up mother-hell. I haven't had the flu since Mike and I were engaged and I thought I had gotten a flu shot more recently than I had and I was wrong. The day of Lucy's birthday Naomi had a sore throat and fever but the next day was totally fine (because she had gotten the blessed flu shot!!) but then I picked up what she had and the wonder of the flu shot was made manifest- the rest of the family had gotten shots, everyone was fine, everyone but me. Say what you will about immunizations, but I will take 30 flu shots a year if it will spare me that atrocity of a week while trying to care for children. Thankfully I had my new-found Instagram account to keep me company while I lay about the house popping more tylenol than I should and playing more movies on for the girls than I knew I could. Luckily I did not photograph too much of the event save for the above stollen grams for your enjoyment. 

So last Monday was my first day with no fever, and we decided not to put off a planned trip to see our families during Mike's fall break and hastily packed all that morning and left that afternoon. Bringing me to my next excuse which is...

2: Travel. I was not entirely over the flu, but I hadn't had a fever is like half a day so we thought we'd just go. Sound like a bad idea? It sure felt like one. After an insane morning of packing everything we needed and readying the house to leave, we made it out the door around 1 p.m. and the second we got in the car I was sure we had made a giant mistake. Would I infect all of our family members with the flu? I wasn't sure but we were going and the girls were thrilled with our decision.
Joseph could not contain it.

We spent the first few days with Mike's family and it was lovely, and had the special treat of getting to see Hannah's sweet little one:

Then Mike left for a conference in Philadelphia and I holed up at my parents' house and drank too much wine with my little sister, had tons of fun with my older sisters and their kids and the girls had time of their lives:

The flu had indeed gone away and the stay with all the family was really great, not a bad decision in the slightest. but not really conducive to enjoying any time with this great internet community. Plus I didn't bring my computer so... priorities? I don't know, I am back and I hope to never take such a long break from my blog-child again. I know you're weeping with joy.


  1. Too much wine? Psh, that's not a real thing...

  2. #PMR conference widows. Represent!!! Andrew said he saw Mike there. :-)

  3. It was so awesome to see all of you and to meet sweet little Joseph! Far too brief but so glad we made it happen :)

  4. Ah! The flu is just so awful!! I had it while I was pregnant with my second and then the stomach flu soon after his birth (who does that??) So, easy to say I've been trau-ma-tized! I'm so sorry you caught it. It really is just awful! But, so glad you went to your families and had fun and drank that vino!

  5. Found your blog hilarious, but also very true. Having kids really changes everything. I just recently got into blogging and intended to write on a daily basis. Your posts were very easy to relate to. Haven't had an issue with the flu yet, but traveling, too much fun at the parents house, all sounds very familiar.

    Leonardo @ U.S. Healthworks Medical Group