Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day In The Life {Lucy's Birthday Edition}

Because when you don't know what to blog about, documenting every hour of your day works just fine. Also, what better way to immortalize your kid's birthday than a step-by-step of most of the day and a boat load of cell phone pictures? You'll thank me later, Lucy, you will.


6:00 a.m.- Joseph is next to me because he made his way there some time around 4 a.m. and now the bed is soaked with pee. Perfect! I needed to get up and go get birthday donuts anyways.

6:10- Out of bed for the day with Joseph, change his pee diaper and clothing and check the webs for the local donut shop's hours. Since they didn't open until 7 a.m. I decide to stick with our usual grocery store fried sugary goodness.

6:20- Naomi emerges complaining of a sore throat (which is really 5:20 as far as she knows) and I have her sit on the couch while I shower, because I am not supposed to let her be awake at that hour.

6:45- I decide to let her stay awake but she is not permitted to accompany me and Joseph to fetch the donuts. She chills out and reads books while I go.

7:00- I arrive at the store for the donuts, wet hair et al. Grab some chocolate cake icing while I'm there and gather the donut assortment.

7:20- Home. Get coffee immediately and down a hefty cup, then set up the donut display to accent the gifts and balloons
7:40- I finish getting myself ready and lay Joseph back down, hopeful that we will be able to squeeze in donuts, gifts and still get the girls to their 9 a.m. catechesis at church.

8:00- Bernadette has been up and out for roughly 20 minutes and Lucy is still slumbering in their room, I decide to sneak in to grab the girls' clothes so they can get ready for catechesis. After sneaking in I realize that Lucy is actually awake, so I pick her up, sing her her first round of "happy birthday" and bring her out to show her all the fun that awaits. I have never seen such a subdued little girl on her birthday- the most ever. Any time you ask her if it is her birthday, she just answers "no", although she did thoroughly enjoy her donut, ok just the icing of the donut.

8:20- gift opening commences, which just consisted of Lucy sitting on the couch, very much unimpressed and us handing her gifts... and opening them for her.

She sure did love her new fake flip phone, best gift of them all.

8:45- Mike is still assembling a newly gifted castle that I had hoped to let her play with before I hauled them all off to catechesis and grocery shopping and I make the executive decision that we would skip the religious formation for the day and let them play like the kids that they are.

playing and TV watching happens and laundry sucks me into a time vortex

10:10- I load all parties into the van because while catechesis can be skipped, there were groceries to be purchased that could not be skipped. Off we went prepared for the inevitable stares which result from mom+all four kids at the store. Cue copious phone pictures:

view from my side of the ergo/grocery cart // I indulged Lucy in every exit from the cart her little heart desired // and they ride the store horse

12:00- We arrive back at the home front for lunch and cake baking. No one eats their lunch and Naomi's complaints of her sore throat continue

12:30- Cake is baked and children start to be taken to perspective nap areas, Lucy takes a great nap and I feign ignorance about the fact that Bernadette escaped to the basement with Naomi because they are playing peacefully with Lucy's new toys and I actually have a few moments of peace and quiet to do who-knows-what.

3:00- All parties are awake, we ice the cake and too much icing is consumed at which point I realize the girls have not eaten anything but donuts and I force some peanut butter and cheese on them before sending them back down to play.

3:30- Children play more while I consume multiple more cups of caffeinated liquids, set up my first Instagram account (follow me!!) and then realize I should do something resembling the activities of a "good parent" and call the girls up to read.

At some point it became clear that Naomi's sore throat was accompanied by a fever and I let them watch Lucy's new Beatrix Potter cartoons until Mike came home.

Now we're about to inhale birthday Chic Fil A , watch Chicken Run (oh the irony) and enjoy that beautiful chocolate cake. GET IN MA BELLEH!!!!!

Happy birthday to you, Lucy: the sweetest, most stoic little 2-year-old I know!


  1. Donuts, frosting, and cake. You've got all the major food groups covered!

  2. What the hell kind of donut shop doesn't open until 7am? LAME.

  3. Looks like a fun day. I feel like a total slacker when I see your pinterest-worthy balloon garland. That's a lot of huffing & puffing! I buy already inflated helium balloons at the dollar store and think I'm all mom of the year for doing it ;) Happy birthday, Lucy!