Friday, January 6, 2017

7 snowy takes

Linking up with Kelly!

1) We got hit with a bad stomach bug a few days after we got back from our great trip and are now finally out of those vomit-filled woods. Praise. The. Lord! I need to seriously count my blessings that that sort of thing doesn't happen more often because as Mike put it on New Years day: "people should only be puking on New Years because they drank way too much the night before". Agreed 110% to infinity. It was gross.

2) Part of the stomach bug was also a little bout with stuff that only the boys dealt with and which left their little bottoms in a difficult situation- some of the worst diaper rash I've seen to date. I only share this so that I can rave to the high Heavens about this Zinc Ointment that Nell's sister makes that she sent me after Freddie's birth- it was a seriously life saver and I wish I could get it for every single person in the world with a baby.

3) My sister had her girls make these adorable paper lanterns  as a fun craft that doubled as super cute decor for their room and in true little-sister fashion I stole her idea and mimicked it promptly after we got back from our visit with them.
The girls made all but the one I made to show them what to do, so it really was that easy and actually cute enough to hang.

4) Virginia got it's very first dusting of snow today, and just in case you were wondering whether 1/2 inch of snow can induce the same exact excitement in children as 1/2 foot-- wonder no more, it definitely can.

I had to laugh a little at Virginians for closing school today because after living in South Bend-- land of the eternal winter and insane amounts of snow that no one ever closes anything for-- it just felt like a little bit of an over reaction this morning, no offense, Virginia.

5) Speaking of South Bend, the father of a really wonderful family that are parishioners at our old parish wrote this blog post about a picture he took at the Grotto at Notre Dame-- I would normally be a little wary of these sorts of stories but since I know them I feel like I can confidently recommend reading it-- it's pretty amazing.

6) On the topic of miracles, Grace gave an update on sweet Joy, the daughter of some college friends of ours who was in a horrible accident but who is recovering miraculously- thanks be to God.

7) The girls have been playing an imaginary game downstairs where there is a war between mice and cats and the mice keep calling the cats the other name for "Cat" in a derogatory way. Think about it.
I'll just leave you with that.



  1. My four year old, while playing, told me he was just "pussy-footing around" and I nearly lost it. Who says that....and why is he saying that?!?!

  2. So many great takes, thanks for sharing them! The picture from Notre Dame is amazing, what a neat story to go along with it!