Friday, March 26, 2021

Links, bellies, and curls quick takes!

And just like that it’s been a month since my last post- whoops! I’ll link with Kelly to try to remedy this situation!

1) Thanks time a million for all the comments from you wonderful readers letting me know your here and reading- I feel very humbled  and grateful to have so many online buddies to stay connected with even without social media (I feel like blogging is a much more meaningful way of staying connected- is it just me? Maybe I’m just telling myself that to try to keep myself from getting back on social media...) But seriously it feels more meaningful. Anyways I’m just glad your here!

2) I’m not sure there is anything I have missed more since giving up social media than Britt’s updates on how she and Agnes are doing. I was so so thrilled when I saw that she had posted this heartbreakingly beautiful post about her chemo process. It really helped to put my life with its very small-scale struggles into perspective. I highly recommend reading it. 

3) I’m not sure there’s much I loved more than reading this from Jenny this week. Mike used to say he was going to hunt the Canadian geese by our old apartment for meat when we were newlyweds and I was completely supportive because they were everywhere and we were very poor. Also Mike and I are rewatching the Office and so I naturally thought of one of my most favorite scenes of all time:

4) Not much to report with regards to pregnancy news. I’m 23.75 weeks (but who’s counting? Me. I’m always counting) I seriously cannot wait to hold this little buddy.
Belly pic for your enjoyment:

5) I cannot believe we are heading into Holy Week already- it feels like just yesterday we were rushing to the ER on Ash Wednesday with a little concussed Annie.
The day of the concussion event, to commemorate her plight.

My birthday falls this Holy Week so it’s sure to either be one of the most penitential birthdays ever or one of the least penitential Holy Weeks ever. Knowing me it will likely be the latter. I just reeeeeeally want cheesecake. 

6) It may be the stimulus money or the fact that this pregnancy has left me feeling like I just DESERVE ALL THE THINGS but after 6 babies I finally splurged and got myself a Blanqi. Things are just really feeling like they need some extra support and some serious extra smoothing out. I’m obsessively tracking the package because I’m just a tad excited. 

7) It’s gotten more humid here the last couple of days and it is doing fabulous things for Annie’s hair. I’m a tad obsessed with the curls.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. You'll have to let us know how you like the Blanqi. Not pregnant but for the future ;)

  2. Annie looks so much older than Rosie it's crazy! My bald children 🤦‍♀️