Friday, May 7, 2021

Excuses, excuses...

Hi friends! Sorry it’s been so long! I started this on Tuesday and I cannot believe it is Friday already! I have many excuses for my absence, and I’ll link up with Kelly to give you all of them now:

Excuse #1) The Easter bunny gave us COVID. Or at least that’s Fred’s favorite way to say that: we all got COVID. And man! It was awful! It hit Lucy first and the poor thing had to miss out on all Easter fun since she was not feeling well, though we did not know yet that it was the dreaded COVID, consequently this is one of our only Easter photos:

Hanging with Lucy and Annie while the other kids have Easter fun.

Then it took Mike down and then... dun dun dun... it came for me. And boy did it come. After 2 weeks of fever, aches, chills, the worst cough of my life, stomach bug symptoms, loss of taste and smell and loads of shortness of breath leaving me thisclose to heading to the ER, I was finally given some steroid meds that got things under control (and also caused the worst and most painful mouth rash I’ve ever had but by that point I was basically in the pits of despair anyway so why not add another bad side effect?!). I had started to slide into the category of people who think COVID is really NBD for most people but you can bet you I’ve slid back to the camp of those who know that is absolutely just not the case. I’ll be hitting those shots hard next year- never again. 

Excuse #2: I’m still pregnant! 

And fairly certain I will be forever. Also did I mention that pregnancy and COVID are not a nice combination? 10 out of 10 do not recommend. I feel like I’m still coming out of all the lingering side effects. But! Baby is doing great,  I’ll be 30 weeks tomorrow and I’m so so thankful for this little guy. 

Excuse #3: These hooligans:

We finished up standardized testing last week and did one last week of wrap up work this week in our actual homeschool. The girls still have 2 weeks of co-op left but I AM DONE HERE FOR NOW (we always do some sort of summer school but that will not be happening for several weeks). Now I get to do all the things I’ve been dreading doing in the back of my mind while I frantically try to get an adequate amount of school in for these kids. These things include but are not limited to: the insane clothing organization of 2021 and the actual clothing swap, scrap book Annie’s baby book before this little one exits the womb, clean all the nasty crevices of this house, etc. It should be LOADS of fun. 

Excuse #4: I planted a garden! I spent way too much money on it! And I love it so so much!!!

Excuse #5: The ALMOST finished attic!!



Which is really not an excuse for taking up time for me personally since Mike and my dad have done all the work but it’s been one of those big looming projects and we are so so close! Eeek!!

Excuse #6: Annie 

She gets her very own take and is an exclusive excuse because she is crazy. Super super cute but also insanely clingy and at that high needs and high intensity 2-year-old stage where she does basically nothing entirely by herself and prefers me to every other human being. Which also does not jive super well with pregnancy. It’s a really good things she is so stinking cute. She had her 2nd birthday right at the tail end of COVID and I was so thankful that I was finally starting to feel better for the day:

Excuse #7: I can’t think of anything else but hopefully I'll be back sooner than later! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Yikes!!! A friend from church had covid during pregnancy in February and it was pretty hellish with a double digit hospital stay! Glad y’all are on the mend

    1. Oh the poor thing! I definitely felt like I narrowly avoided that- it’s not something to mess around with! I hope she’s ok now!

  2. Oh I’m sorry about covid! And what an attic transformation!!

  3. The attic is just 😍😍😍 So glad you guys have bounced back and can't wait to be with you soon πŸ₯°