Saturday, September 22, 2012


I may have mentioned before that I have 2 little girls- if you missed that now you are all caught up.

I also may have mentioned before that I sometimes a lot of the time let my girls watch movies and listen to gratuitous amounts of books on tape. We also read a lot of fairy tale books. So now you're caught up there, too.

Also, they're precocious, and mixed in with this, both girls have a bit of a flair for the dramatic. There is no way they got that from me. Honest.

Bernadette is still developing her extensive verbal skills, so for this post, I will just focus on some real gems I've heard Naomi say in the past few weeks, which gems exhibit this flair most aptly.

Exhibit A:

We woke up at our regular early hour one morning and went into the play room, where I laid on the couch to get a few more minutes of shut eye before Bernadette woke up (you know, because I'm a good mom). Sitting down to play, Naomi picked up a toy dog and immediately jumped into character, narrating some sort of scene betweeen that dog and another animal.

I went ahead and opened my eyes when I heard her say:

"'No,' said the dog, in an indignant sort of way..."

"Did you just say indignant?" I asked. To which she replied that she had. Then she went ahead and cited the various books and movies where she'd heard it, as if that alone might account for why she, a mere three-year-old, was correctly using the word.


Next exhibit:

While driving in the car Naomi was having a conversation with herself, as she is often wont to do. And again, my ears perked up when I heard her say:

"It was awful! They ruined all of my best laid plans!"
 I didn't even ask about this one. Sometimes it's better not to.


And another:
Naomi and Bernadette were engaging in a round of pretend fairyland play, a very normal thing here. I walked passed their room where Naomi was laying on the floor with her eyes closed, but still shouting to her sister:


Obviously she's seen a few princess films. I don't know if Bernadette yielded to her sister's wishes.

Last exhibit, before Bernadette starts to feel slighted:

This morning as I was getting some things done downstairs and the girls were off in their pretend worlds playing, I heard Naomi say (in her most dramatic voice):

"No! Please! Let mercy take the place of justice!"

I could not contain the volume of my laughter at this one, so she repeated it quite a few more times for her mother's enjoyment- she's a bit of a ham.


  1. oh. my. gosh. this is hilarious! indignant?! Clearly you need to start a Naomi Check series! :))

  2. I love this! Naomi is so talented =) and hilarious!

  3. She would get along beautifully with my dramatic three year old son.
    I am dying over here. She is too funny!

  4. I don't even know what indignant means!! I wish we had more princess movies around here. But Leo usually holds the remote so I never win ;)

  5. Oh that last one really got me going. "let mercy take the place of justice"???? Is she kidding me? I LOVE her!

  6. This post was so hilarious, I had to read it outloud to my husband! Here's hoping our little one will have as awesome a vocabulary as Naomi!! :)

  7. Methinks somebody has been sneaking into Mike's study lair and memorizing some gems...

  8. Oh my goodness!! That is too funny and cute! LOVE her!

  9. So funny! She reminds me of my now 9-year old son, who was the same way at her age. And still is. He regularly cracks us up with his 9-going-on-35 verbage. And we have that same Pooh chair..!

  10. Those are definitely gems! It does make me wonder what the best laid plans of a three year old are, though. :)

  11. Ana. She is a freaking genius. I'm pretty sure I still don't use indignant correctly or ever. You pretty much win best mom of the year for those jewels. My kids are really good are monster noises and screaming? That will come in handy in school, right?