Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Hands-Off Favs

Linking up with Grace for some favorites today. 

Once upon a Pinterest I perused things like at-home DIYs, fun crafty activities for my children, homemade baby food, homeschooling nifties and the like and then I had a third kid. And got off Pinterest (well, until today when I gave in during a moment of housewife desperation and a serious need to do some mindless web staring, but that is beside the point).

Some days just require as little hands on child care from the primary child care provider as is possible, and today was one of them. Here are my 5 rather negligent favorites this Wednesday.


I know I may risk getting a few judgmental e-glances for this, but I HATE blowing bubbles with my girls. I hate the fight for who holds the bottle, I hate the amount of soapy crap that gets all over my hands and the issues that my kids always have with reaching the bubble blowing stick down into the soapy water in order to actually be able to blow a bubble at all. Solution for today? Dump all the bubbles we own into the top, very shallow part of our water table, give them every bubble blowing stick we own, add a tiny bit of water so that dipping the sticks isn't difficult and go back inside. I wouldn't let them in unless their hands and bodies were hosed off, so no soapy mess on me or in the house and I was happy.


What was Lucy doing during the bubble fun? Why feeding herself many, multiple puffs of course.
I love it when they get to the point where they can feed themselves, I am in hands-off heaven.


The best part about Naomi pealing her own clementines is that she BEGS to do it for herself and for Bernadette. And me. And Lucy. And our whole neighborhood. Honestly I just want to buy the entire stock of clementines from every store in the greater South Bend area and put her in a room with them, she and I would be loving it.


I already explained myself here, but today really necessitated getting back on Pinterest, just for a bit. How else would have looked at gratuitous pictures of Duchess Kate with that sweet baby and enviable blue polka dot dress? Or look at delicious desserts that I am way too tired to make and eat? Or clothing that I can't buy? It was great and I needed it. We'll see if I stick with it this time.


Then there is the best of all the favorite things on the list and that is my best husband ever who took over in the late afternoon, well before he usually takes off work, to let me and Lucy run some errands. It was a great break which included a diet coke virtually inhaled by me and an empty diet coke bottle thoroughly enjoyed by the soda-bottle-obsessed baby.

Thanks so much to Grace for hosting in Hallie's stead this Wednesday. Have a great time with Jen, Hallie!


  1. Other than the fact that I now want an ice cold soda and it is nearly midnight ~ I love this list.
    My #1 equivalent is Play-dough; can't stand it.

  2. Definitely going to have to remember #1. Love.

  3. Haha, nice list! And what is the fascination with the soda bottles?! My younger two are the same way, keeps them occupied way longer than any actual toy I might have bought them.

  4. I have tried so many independent kids' activities from pinterest and they occupy for my children for exactly 4 minutes. And I'm like, what is wrong with my children? Kids on pinterest love this s**t. I think the missing element was getting messy. Your bubbles idea is brilliant and I will be implementing it posthaste !