Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sunny Side Up-ish

I feel the need to balance yesterday's runaway complain train with a little goodness today lest I max out my quota of Woe Is Me posts. So here are some good things that I am pulling out of nowhere because I have not given even the tiniest bit of forethought to what to write:

Good friends who come over for the two of you to go on separate jogs while you watch each others' kids. OMGeezie it was awesome. After another stellar night's sleep and a morning that started with me remembering that I had sort of forgotten about Lucy's 8 a.m. doctor appointment, needing to wake her up and take her to have her little legs stabbed with multiple needles, I was really in need of some recuperation.

And she'll not relinquish the medicine dropper
While I DID NOT feel like going out for the run BUT the fact that my great friend came over with her kids with the intention to watch them all while I went out for my jaunt first made it impossible for me to wimp out and sit on the couch. And I felt worlds better after getting out and moving.

Topping our jogs off with a great play date and good conversation with said friend. I do not know how I would survive without the great friends I have here in this town. Being so far from family can be hard for me so it is an wonderful balm to have this great community and friends who feel just like family.

Bed time was at least 75% better after a day of no naps yesterday. There were significantly fewer tantrums during the bed time hour, which really had become bed time hourS because the girls were never tired enough to fall asleep right when we put them in there and so were constantly doing terrible things to their room or coming out and standing in front of Lucy's door talking as loudly as they can or demanding ridiculous things. Last night has given me some hope that these mid-day efforts will pay off.

And they are not doing that badly yet without the naps. Bernadette is pretty crazy whether she gets sleep or not so I really can't necessarily tell a difference. And they are both currently sitting peacefully in their beds reading books to themselves sooo, I will take it. Only one item was completely destroyed during yesterday's rest and I prepared the environment better today and removed all hanging objects from around Bernadette's rest time crib so that no more crucifixes will be demolished. Sorry, Lord.

Just another day.

Jen's 7 days of blogging challenge is making all my favorite bloggers post which is most definitely improving the quality of my days. For starters it is so awesome to have Jen posting daily. I have loved reading Christy's motherly musings as well as Jenny's. Kelly always provides loads of laughs as well as some much needed inspiration and hearing from my long lost sister-in-law Hannah has been fabulous too. I can't go through all of them, but my reader has been bursting at the seams and you will never hear me complain about that.

I found Vanilla Chex on a major sale at the store yesterday and no one else likes them but me so I am eating them all. I have a little afternoon ritual of eating secret cereal while the girls are not around me asking for their own bowls only to complain that they don't even like it.

I really just added that last one so this will not be confused with Hallie's Five Favorites (hosted this week by Grace!) because you know I will be all up in that tomorrow. Until then, I'm off to have more Chex.


  1. I just bought Vanilla chex yesterday and they are like cake in a bowl. So good and the little man doesn't seem to like them so they are allll mine ;)

  2. Ana, that picture of Naomi is so Kimberly. Too bad it happens to be a scowl, but it is definitely Hahn. Love & miss you all

  3. Is that Danielle Haley next to you? She moved out here to Camarillo CA from South Bend and we're friends! :) (said while munching on Cinnamon Toast Crunch during nap time)

  4. Aw, thanks Ana!

    Now I've gotta find out if we can get Vanilla Chex in Canada!

  5. Thanks for the shout out. I succumb to the stomach bug yesterday and while I couldn't get my own post up, it was nice to have so much reading material while I was lying around. And I'm a sucker for the Apple Cinnamon Chex not sure how I feel about the Vanilla, especially post bug.