Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Too Much Talking

After I asked Naomi to finish the small sip of water in her cup she said:
"I don't like this water. It's too solid"

After telling Bernadette "no" for yet another thing, she said, or probably yelled:
"I'll just break your house apart! I am not listening to you!"
She did listen.

While doing the dishes as Bernadette ate a snack:
Bernadette: Excuse me, mommy?!?! (very excitedly)
Me: Yes, Bernadette?
Bernadette: Um, when that man was dancing with me with my paint nalish (nail polish) and I was dirty at the cake wedding and the banana Lucy party.... it was just crazy.
I immediately wrote down what she said, because seriously, who would remember that?

Bernadette, while playing dress up:
"I am the Virgin Mary. And this is my Virgin snow thing"

Her veil, of course.

After rushing out to the play room to rescue a screaming Lucy, laying on her back and Bernadette hastily fleeing from the scene, I began the interrogation.
Me: Bernadette, did you push her over?
Bernadette: No!
Me: You didn't?
Bernadette: NO! I didn't push her over! I just enacted her for the disobedience!!!
I don't know.

From the other room Naomi is yelling to me over and over because obviously some grand discovery has just been made:
"Mommy, mommy!! Look! You are just like the mommy pig!!! She has nursers just like you!"

And that's that. I'm just like the mommy pig.

I'm off to make beergaritas with some ear plugs in.


  1. Thank you! You just made my afternoon of poo disasters not so frustrating. Enjoy your beergaritas and peace!

  2. Not gonna lie, totally felt special when I received a personal email from you in my inbox! (sounded less creepy in my head)

    Love the momma pig, my 3-year old just voted me "best wiper in the world", I actually think I like the momma pig title better :)! (just so we are clear, that is for wiping her!!)

  3. Ha! A beergarita is most definitely warranted after that last comment!

  4. Hahahahahaha....I love every single word of this post.

  5. Nursers, just like mama pig...that's awesome!

  6. Haha, just like a mama pig... I am right there with you. Really we are all just mommy pigs, right??

  7. Most excellent!
    Lucy crying, Bernadette fleeing the scene ~ sounds so familiar.

  8. My mom grew up on a dairy farm, the oldest of 7 children. And when I was born, her younger sister was only 8 years old. So... when my aunt saw Mom nursing me, of course she said, "Oh! Just like a cow!" My mother was none too pleased.

  9. haha! Your girls are hilarious! I love the pig comment, priceless :)

  10. hahaha! The mama pig was my favorite! they are hilarious (just like their mama) ;)