Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen, who I am thrilled to hear shares my dislike for pedicures. 

1) Days like yesterday, while hellish in the thick of it, are great because they really put normal days in perspective for me. You know me, I am always ready to share my daily miseries with the world wide web, and that is not about to change, but having a day that left me feeling as defeated as yesterday has made today feel like a breeze. Nothing is different, challenges have arisen as they always do, but it is not yesterday and so it's not that bad. And blogging about it is just a bonus because I can go back and read about how crappy yesterday was and remember to shut my sour-cherry pie hole and look on the bright side. What can I say? I'm an optimist.

2) Mike and I watched the seasons that are up of the Netflix series, House of Cards last month and enjoyed it- I like Kevin Spacey in pretty much everything. Then Mike let me know that it was based on a British mini series from the 90s (well, the whole thing is based on a book, but you know know what I mean) and would I want to watch it?
While my initial reaction was most definitely opposed to watching a British television series from 1990, I eventually gave in and we are LOVING it. I highly recommend it.
It is not nearly as sketchy as the Kevin Spacey one (although the politician/journalist relationship is still suuuper creepy) and as a bonus, the main lady character is played by Jane from the BBC Pride and Prejudice, (one of my all times faaaavs) it was so scandelous for me at first, but also awesome.
 I always had a hunch that she would be prettier without that enormous mane of bang curls. I was right.

3) I caught Lucy pulling herself up to standing the other day and tried so hard to stay unseen from behind the doorway because I figured that if no one takes any notice of it then maybe she will never stand or walk and shoot maybe she'll just regress back to the sweet baby that sits still and doesn't use the toilet at a teether...

But then I got all pathetic and mushy and wanted to clap for her because I am that mom and she got so excited and kept doing it over and over. And my life will soon be over.

4) I stole this chocolate chip cookie recipe from Grace via Pinterest a while ago and it has been my go-to when making cookies ever since. Then the other day I made a grand discovery: if you use half of the fabulous shortening I was raving about and half butter, these cookies are even better and unmatched in awesomeness.

 Try it and you will not disappointed. Or don't and you might.

5) I can't even believe I have made it to #5, I had nothing when I started. I think that deserves some sort of award. I'm going to get some chocolate...

6) During my chocolate break I ate some chocolate, attended a great wedding feast with a cake made of cake, ice cream and corn, talked one 2-year-old down from at least one tantrum, ignored a few more melt downs and fed the kids a snack. That also deserves some more chocolate...I'll just keep it right next to me, that's better.

7) Let's see, some good web reads from this week: Grace's NFP post was the best, Hallie's Social Media Marriage Killers was also great, and I loved Simcha's post on how camping with 9 kids was easier than if they only had a few- I love posts that give me that kind of hope for my future, although I pray it never includes camping.

Hop on over to Jen's for more!


  1. I cannot get to the Chocolate Chip cookie recipe - I may go crazy! Haha :) I am not sure it is the correct link?

    1. ah! yes, it was wrong, fixed and fixed.

  2. Glad today is going better!
    Now I will go in search of shortening and make the cookies ~ or just wait for the universe to arrange a fab meet-up where we eat & drink while our kids play with nary a meltdown in sight.
    Yay Lucy!!

  3. #6 is awesome! The chocolate belongs beside me. But I do not get waylaid by quite so many wonderful adventures (and cakes) on my way to the chocolate.

    I may have to check out the House of Cards... Despite the fact that I already watch WAY too much TV!

  4. you said something about chocolate chip cookies? I'm sold. you deserve an award for that. see my blog b/c I "gave" you one.

    I need to learn about this shortening apparently.

    everything is better with chocolate by your side.

  5. and here's the link...

  6. I have not been camping since we had Ellen. I am soso scared.

  7. My 11 month old uses the toilet for a teether also. It is so gross! It makes me want to know if washing a baby's mouth out with soap is legit.