Friday, August 16, 2013

7 beach takes

Linking up with the loveliest Jen.

1) I sometimes have a hard time adjusting back to real life after trips away from home. It's not like vacation is actually relaxing or anything, it's arguably way more stressful, but it's just the uprooting and then re-planting... or something like that. We were only gone for a little over 4 days and I feel like a freight train hit me, then backed up over me, then ran over me a couple more times for good measure. Therefore instead of a visit from Jillian, I am opting to e-complain (e-plain?) and over share from our vacation to all you innocent, unsuspecting folks reading this.

2) Pretty much every night during our mini beach vacation I vowed that I would never again take toddlers or babies on a vacation, and that I would perhaps be leaving the very next morning due to their night time antics. Then I would get half way through the next day, look out the window and see this:

And make myself a promise to always travel with my kids.

3) It really was great. We had a fabulous time with family in spite of the weather feeling like the dead of fall at times, and our house  being as close to camping as you'll ever find me, which was pretty much all my fault since I pushed for the house- I blame the inaccurate reviews and misleading pictures. Even so, we beached it up, sweaters and all, and made the best of the creakiest beds and thinnest walls in all the land of Michigan.

4) Mike and I had one of the funnest date nights of our couplehood, complete with my first martini ever, and non-Spanish tapas. It was so lovely. Here are some comparison pictures from our date weekend trip to Lake Michigan last year and this past week.

5) We were riiiight on the water, so every single evening  we watched the sunset on the lake- capital G Glorious.

6) And Lucy learned the joys of eating sand, Naomi got as much bodily contact with it as she could, and the girls terrified plentiful gulls:

7) And then this morning I broke our blender whilst trying to concoct a chia seed smoothie and coming to the realization that due to several weeks of brain flatulence I have been using flax seeds instead of chias in all my smoothies. And I know the difference. 

Have a splendid weekend!


  1. Where in Michigan did you go? We've done long weekends with the kids in Saugatuck, New Haven, and New Buffalo. My 3 year old barfed on another family's stroller in the middle of a New Buffalo restaurant. Good times.

  2. At the risk of sounding creepy, I have really missed your posts, this week. I'm glad you're back!

    And flax seeds are really healthy, still, right? :)

  3. I really miss Lake Michigan from my Chicago days. Looks awesome!

  4. Oh man, you came to to my state! Woohoo! I love love when people post pictures of beautiful Michigan :) looks like you guys had a lovely time and luckily the weather was nice, a few weeks ago it was 50 degrees...

  5. I know how tough re-entry can be but am glad you all had a good time and you & Mike were able to get away for a date night.

  6. Amazing sunset! I live for vacation every year, but you are right- vacations with kids are not really vacation at all. But I think I just forget that during the year and everything repeats itself. Love the picts!

  7. Gorgeous sunset pics, and it looks like a lot of fun! Nasty beds are not fun, however. And do you mean to tell me that you've never camped? I mean, I don't find it to be such a fun thing that I would highly recommend it (though there are good things about it), but I can't imagine not having done it.

  8. So sorry to hear about the house! What a bummer =P Still, wish we could have been there to freeze in the sand with you :)

  9. pretty pictures, here in Louisiana we only wear jeans to the beach in the winter