Sunday, August 18, 2013

WIWS, oh so mournful

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Busting out the black maxi for another WIWS edish, this time as a dress. When Mike walked out and saw me this morning he asked who I was in mourning over, and I decided that I couldn't take a joke and got mad at him. Then I pulled myself together and laughed, because honestly, I looked like I was in mourning.

^^I am the most mournful of all.
Maxi and flats: Old Navy
Earrings and oldest cardi in all the land: Target (I have decided after today that I think this cardi has reached the point of retirement, single tear...)
Belt: thrift store

I usually just self timer the heck out of myself for outfit posts, but Mike was kind enough to offer to help me out and take a few, during which time he mostly got too close to my face and told me to "work it" and that I was a "tiger".
And, that is quite enough.

In other news, the girls have started calling each other "chubby" and sometimes even "fat", and have made it very clear that they know the difference between skinny and fat and that apparently it is preferable to be skinny. I would blame myself because God knows I am plenty vain and what not, but I try really hard never to talk about weight or anything of that nature around them and ALWAYS mute Jillian if I am doing the shred while they are awake. So all I have to say is: WTF?!?!? It has only solidified my fear of raising small ladies and I made sure to serve them heaping plates of waffles after Mass, they were deeeelish.

Also, Naomi has started staring at these two little boys during Mass and then hiding under the pew and giggling if they turn toward her at all. She has never talked to them before (they're brothers) and literally only sees them at Sunday Mass, but she is positively smitten with both. I am very tempted to switch up our Mass time, I am not ready for this.

Have a lovely, not at all mournful, Sunday! 

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  1. See, that's why I have to stop buying things that are black... For a while I would be like, "Oh! I like that thing, so I'll buy it in black so it matches everything!" And then I ended up with... A lot of black things. But hey, my funeral wardrobe is great!

    Anyway, you look cute and I love those earrings!

  2. You can never go wrong with black!

    My 9-year-old daughter is always telling me she is too fat. She and the girls in her class at school talk about it a lot - they all compare their weights. It's maddening. At her 9-year check-up this June, I asked the doctor if she was fat and he pulled out his charts and lo and behold she is in the 50th percentile for weight and her BMI is EXACTLY where it should be. Him confirming what I have been telling her all along has finally put an end to her calling herself fat.

  3. I love's so classic! You look and I love the laughing much fun.

    Weight is such a tricky issue with girls...sigh. It seems no matter how hard we try to, they pick up on society's view of weight no matter what.

  4. You look beautiful! And I love the story about Naomi and the brothers at Mass. So cute and I am so with you on not being ready for that. :)

  5. I have collected an interesting amount of black in my drawers lately. Its just easy...and fun to wear with things like your cute earrings;)

    Giggled over your girls being smitten over boys at mass already! :)

  6. You look great in the black! Also- I copy-cated your hairdo for school today. :)

  7. I have so many black things in my wardrobe! I'm glad I'm not the only one. :) I like your ensemble!