Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Holland, then I will shut up.

 WARNING: This post contains gratuitous pictures of myself and better half, mostly awkwardly taken by a stranger, this is what happens when children are not involved. 

So as I mentioned before and before, Mike and I embarked on an almost unprecedented kidless mini-adventure this past weekend to a cute town in Michigan called Holland. And it. was. GLORIOUS. (It was almost unprecedented because we tried to have a kidless night away over Christmas break that took place only 5 minutes from where our kids were staying and ended with us picking them up the next morning and bringing them to the hotel for a "fun swim" which resulted in an almost-concussed 3-yr-old. This was the do-over).

My parents came into town to be with the girls and were pretty much pushing us out the door to get on our way "As early as possible" Saturday morning- can we say BEST parents ever? Yes we can. They probably reassured me 50 plus times that they had it taken care of and that they would be fine with the girls, that they had done it 8 times, etc, etc... And I still made like 20 phone calls in the 24 hour period to check on one said cling-monster. Paranoid mom strikes again. I am glad my parents just laughed me off and didn't make fun of me. Too much. I had Mike to do that.

pretty much the only not super awkward picture taken, thank you Mr. Garbage can at a decent height.
 So here is what our schedule entailed on Saturday from our arrival on:

11 a.m.: check in, lay around, do nothing
12 p.m.: Get ready without kids, take as long as we want
1 p.m.: eat lunch without kids, feed no one, have an uninterupted conversation, stare at people uninterrupted
2 p.m.: Get ice cream and share with no one
3p.m.: Walk around holding no hands, except each others
3:30: Take a lengthy nap, ended by the fact that I woke up on my own, with no screams, cries, kids in my face
4: Get ONLY MYSELF ready for Mass
5: Go to Mass together, hold hands during Mass, listen to words of Mass...
6: Stroll along beach watching other peoples' kids melting down and almost being eaten by sharks (it's lake MI, there are no sharks)
7: Eat another meal with no one to feed but myself
8: Still eating, didn't have to rush out as a result of tantruming toddlers
9: Watch a movie without child running out to ask for her 6th, 7th and 8th glass of water
Go to bed
Sleep until whenever the next day
Go back home and get kicked in the groin with reality.

I LOVE being a mom, and to be honest I thought about the girls almost every moment, and even missed them!  We kept talking about how fun this little town would be for them, but this time I am glad it was just us. I needed to miss them. Absence make the heart.. do something, you know.
 A little taste of the Dutch flair that Holland is known for.
I think you've had enough.


  1. Ana - this makes me want to go on a trip! haha. My sister in law is from Holland, MI and loves it!

    I get nervous about leaving Paul, but the getting ready by myself does sound great... maybe for our anniversary in September.

  2. I am so glad you guys got to go away by yourselves. We have done an overnight probably 3 times in our marriage (10 years), and I want to make that much more frequent!! Problem is that we don't have awesome parents like yours that push us out the door. Instead it's a lot of hinting, begging, feeling quilty, which sort of ruins things, ya know?

    P.S. You and your baby bump are the cutest thing eva!

    1. I have the same kind of parents, Colleen! My husband and I say all the time that when we're grandparents, we're going to be AWESOME and make our kids have some one-on-one time with their spouse. I think it's so important, even if we don't have the luxury right now :)

  3. So glad you had a good trip!

  4. What a fun trip. You have rad parents! :) And you look super cute, love your belly!

  5. looks like so much fun!!! and kid free!!!!! JEALOUS! by the by- you might just be the most gorgeous pregnant lady on the planet