Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Excitement

While I am keenly aware that I am nowhere even close to being able to compete with Shana and Camille, or Sheena and her fabulous sewing skillz, or any of the other lovely ladies linking up over at Aint No Mom Jeans for "How We Were It: Maxi Skirts", I am throwing caution (and all my pride) to the wind and doing it anyway. Here's how I went about it this weekend and today:

Wear makeup, or don't. Fix your hair, or don't. Focus the camera for a clear picture, or don't (either time). Wear it to Mass or wear it to the grocery store.

Honestly, it was checking out the other linkers that inspired me to bust my favorite black maxi out for Sunday (or Saturday Vigil if you're being technical, and we always are over here) and so I am going ahead and doing a double link-up with the ladies at FLAP for What I Wore Sunday, I am always all about killing multiple birds at one time.

Then, since the old skirt was already out with the standard stains were all over it that it was going to get anyways, I went ahead and donned it to the store today with my trusty, trashy teddy bear shirt tied at the side because it is a bit too baggy, just stinking with the no-class theme. And again
In case you were feeling confused.

We hit up the vigil Mass because a handful of my family stopped in for a brief visit on Sunday, which was absolutely lovely.
 ^^Lucy and Charlie Brown, together again.
 ^^^Some families sit on the grass.
^^^Naomi gets serious about swing pushing + my madre.

^^^Cash in one hand and a milk shake in the other- you know that my dad has been with our children.

Needless to say we all had a great time and that the store trip was even more of a swift punch to the gut than it usually is after the tease of relaxing family time. But all things considered it wasn't too bad.

Now I think I should stop shouting threats to the other room and go follow through or something. Model parenting at its finest over here. Have a great Monday!


  1. Haaa!!! You look amazing! I love the Mass look - so pretty - but I love the store look cause that's me on a good day! You're so sweet to link to me too!

  2. I LOVE the way Lucy sits. What a cutie pie. Just like her mama.

  3. So glad you had a good family visit this weekend.
    Way to rock the skirt!
    "I should stop shouting threats to the other room and go follow through or something." LOVE!!!

  4. gotta love a classic black maxi...and you look awesome in've inspired me to wear a maxi with a tee! thanks for linking with us :).