Sunday, January 6, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (and other things)

If I tried to count the number of calories consumed, particularly in the form of sugar-packed foods, in just the last few days, I am pretty sure my brain would break- it is just not even possible. I could just weight myself to see the poundage most certainly gained, but then I would have to crawl in a corner and cry, so I won't do that.

Therefore when I went to get dressed this morning, my midsection kept making itself known more than I would ever want it to. SO I then proceeded to search all over for my spanx, which I could not find, today of all days!!!

The solution? A stretchy sweater dress, worn before on WIWS, and a thunder-hiding cardigan- as I like to call it.

Dress: Meijer
Cari: Target
Tights: Gabes
Boots: Macys
Glasses: Firmoo

We had a fabulous weekend with my little brother and his wife and new son, my sister and my parents. The party did not stop even though Naomi was throwing up all day on Friday-- and by party I mean cleaning up a whole lot of throw up.

I am still holding my breath hoping so hard that none of us have contracted whatever she had- I quarantined her the entire day in her room. I hate vomit, I hate it so much.

I will leave you with one of the only pictures we took from the weekend.
I felt like such a weird stage mom doing this, but I also felt awesome:

Charlie and Lucy
I did not nail Lucy's dress, because I am not that crazy.
I could keep going but this is veering further and further from having anything to do with what I wore today.
See the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for more!


  1. Love the outfit even if you were trying to coffee up the cookies and sweets (aren't we all this time of the year!).

  2. Love the dress, Ana! You look great.

  3. Juuuust as I scrolled down to that adorable Charlie Brown picture, my husband (seriously) started singing in the other room, "Christmas time is here...." He's a music teacher, so he sings random songs a lot, but that was a bit too random.

    Anyway, fashion: Glad to see another Meijer lady in the house. No excuses — you look fantastic!

  4. Oh my gosh- Meijer! I love Meijer. I used to work there, in the Purple Cow, pulling Slurpees and making cotton candy.


    I had no idea they made such cute dresses. That is a cute dress!

  5. Love that you've embraced the tunic dress/legging combo.... Always the way to go! I love me some elastic waistbands...

  6. Sweater dress: I need it.

    My girls are squealing over the Charlie/Lucy pic :)

  7. I want a thunder hiding cardigan. It just sounds awesome. Where do you make such a purchase? Love the charlie/Lucy pic. So adorable!

  8. Love the outfit I am a big fan of dresses with long cardigans, heck I just love long cardigans in general. As for ht babies I wish I was smart enough to think of stage mom things before my kids got old enough to refuse... still have 1 little one :)

  9. The babies- oh my goodness. I know my husband would be rolling his eyes at me a million times over right now, but I did squee a little.

    Also, the talk about vomit... ugh. I am glad to say that I haven't tossed my cookies in 10+ years. That's how much I hate it. I will lay in a fetal position for 24 hours if I have to, but I will. not. spew.

    On a happier note- I dig your glasses!

  10. Cute dress, but oh my goodness even cuter babies! I loooove that Charlie Brown picture! Adorable! :)

  11. Love the Charlie Brown photo! Too cute. Love that dress too. It looks so comfy, and cardigans are the best!

  12. Your boots are fantastic and you look gorge, Ana! And the baby photo turned out so, so impossibly cute =)

  13. I think I need to invest in a sweater dress! Looks cute and I can't tell you have anything to hide!

  14. Love the outfit. Comfy. I hope you don't get sick. It is the worst.

  15. I really love your sweater dress. I need to buy one; they look so comfy & warm.

    Charlie & Lucy = soooo cute