Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen and her band of merry quick takers this Friday, it is always sure to be a good time.

1) Yesterday Bernadette turned the BIG 3 and we partied like it was 2010. It is very hard to believe that it has been 3 whole years since she stubbornly refused to turn the right way from her little breech perch in utero, and could only be delivered via the knife.

Cue photo collage of all the birthday's thus far:
2) There was much festive merrymaking from our morning birthday donut ritual, to a special Chil Fil A lunch and her long awaited bright pink princess cake, which was strikingly similar to last year's cake- her interests have not changed much. I may end up doing a full post about her big day, or I may not, so just in case I don't, here's another collage.
 Like I said, we party hard.

3) And now small pictorial tribute to the first -and probably only- handmade present I have ever given to anyone:
A cupcake stand, also used to hand out cupcakes at her small "birthday play date" today (because calling it a play date takes all pressure to do anything Pinterest-esque off 100%). And now within a day, the once beloved stand is laying out in the grass completely ruined from an intense afternoon rainfall- good enough reason to never make homemade gifts, I say.

4) It is really crazy that last year at this time I was greatly pregnant with Lucy, dilated a full 4 cm for a full 2 weeks, in constant early labor, trying desperately to go into real labor, going to the hospital with false alarms and blogging about my bodily discomfort. Oh how life changes- well, not the blog complaining.

5) Head over to Kathryn's for another great reflection, this time focusing on one of my favorite reads of all time: Brideshead Revisited.

6) Remember at the beginning of my fun road trip how I told you about the gorgeous wedding I attended? Of course you do. Well it just so happens that the groom, who married Mike's cousin, is an exceptionally talented musician and wrote Molly (the bride) this sweet song and sang it to her when he proposed, they also danced to it at the reception. He just finally released the music video on YouTube. Watch it and feel warm all over:

7) I had to force myself to put this one at the end because in some horribly unbalanced way it is the main thing in my brain right now and was going to be #1: we finished Breaking Bad this past week I made the final judgement that it is hands down my very favorite show ever. Ever. Not that that means anything at all, but still. Mike put it perfectly when he referred to the finale as "a love letter from Vince Gilligan to Breaking Bad fans". It was perfect.

Aaaand since we were just not ready to let go yet, we went ahead and started the entire series over again a few nights ago to watch straight through. If we didn't have kids or jobs you better believe we would be those crazy weirdos who hole up in their house and watch it with no breaks, or only to respond to nature and eat. No showers, because we have our priorities straight. Luckily we are not horrible people and have chosen to care for our children, work like normal people and reserve watching it for the evenings. If you like the show and haven't seen this video, you should:
And that is all, head over to Jen's for more!


  1. Happy birthday to Bernadette! What a little beauty!

  2. I love the idea of a birthday play date. You are right - there would be zero Pinterest guilt!

  3. Happy Birthday to Bernadette!
    Sounds like a great time was had by all!

  4. Bernadette's little mouth has not changed one iota!

  5. Happy belated birthday to Bernadette!!

  6. Regarding the BB finale- totally agree. I think I audibly gasped with the line, "I did it for me."