Monday, October 7, 2013

Too Much Talking (and more!)

I post this as the girls sit in their room making fart noises to each other and cracking up while waiting for their cow to wake up for the day. I can't wait to start this day!!

While on our way to feed the ducks on campus I was trying to calm Naomi down about the dreaded Canadian geese who occasionally get up in your business and hiss at you:
Ana: Naomi you don't have to go near them, you can just stay in the stroller.
Naomi: Or we could just run over them with our car...

After taking Naomi to the potty one Sunday at Mass we were waiting in the back for a good time to go back in when Naomi spotted a man in a motercycle outside of the church and said:
"Aw look mom! That man rode all the way here on his tricycle!

During the nightly toothbrushing battle, Bernadette kept asking me for some super tasty children's motrin, even though she was not sick at all:
Ana: Bernadette, you are not sick and I am not giving you medicine.
Bernadette: I do need medicine, mom! I need medicine because my feelings are hurting.

After the girls catechesis class, I was asking Bernadette what things she did and responding "really!?" after all of them and after a few "reallys?!" she just responded:
"Yep! you better believe it!"

After asking her several times to eat the only nurtirional part of her chic fil a meal (cup of preservative soaked fruit), Naomi responded:
"Oh that's very kind of you! But no thank you."

Naomi asked me last night if she could wipe off the table before dinner, so I gave aher a wet wipe and let her, after which she explained to Mike her motivations:
Naomi: Daddy, do you know why I wiped off the table for mommy?
Mike: No, why?
Naomi: Because I just really want mommy to be happier with me than she is with Bernadette."

In regards to the above picture colored by Naomi,
Ana: Aw, is that you Naomi?
Naomi: Nope! It's you. In the kitchen. Baking cookies. With your glasses on.
I always knew I had a future in modeling.

And now for a new installment:
Story Time With Bernadette.  

She has just been recently displaying some impressive narrative abilities and I managed to get a few on video the other afternoon. I am including a caption below with Naomi's interjections and my promptings, in case you are confused (it probably won't help)

DSCF0001 from Ana Hahn on Vimeo.
Bernadette: Once upon a time there was good giant and good bat and a good Ratigan. They were having a picnic. They heared (spelling error intentional) something, it was called a bad wolf, and they ran away!
Naomi: The giant might have scared him...
Bernadette: ...and the giant said "yeah that thing scared us!" (long pause)
Ana: Then what happened?
Bernadette: Then the rain started to blow up the air! 
Naomi:  Was he a good wolf, Bernadette?
Bernadette: No he was a bad wolf. But the wolf made it dark and the bats were scared of the wolf and the bats ran away and flied out of the air and they were safe having a picnic. The end. 

If you know of any cheap children's book illustrators, I think this one is a Caldecott contender.


  1. Your kiddos are the cutest!

  2. The table wiping.... bwahahahaha!!!

  3. I'm so with Naomi about the evil geese.

  4. How adorable!! "Just run them over with our car" <--- how I feel about snakes.

    Also, we battle with Paul a lot with the teeth (he generally just sucks off the toddler safe toothpaste and then refuses any additional brushing.) Our dentist suggested "role playing" - and Montessori or whatever, now he will open his mouth and allow me to brush his has really helped us, although your kids are probably smarter than it might not work for you. :)

  5. Funny post!! I just found you & now I'm following.

  6. Your kids are adorable! And don't they say the cutest things!?