Friday, September 28, 2012

Better Late Quick Takes

I was on track to not linking up with my fellow quick-takers this Friday, but I just like Jen too much, so here are some very late, relatively quick takes:

1) I know no one cares as much as I do that I am getting close to having this baby, and since I just can't quite come up with anything as interesting than baby talk to talk about in the old blog, I've just come to a blogging halt. I will try to keep this baby-talk free, but I cannot make any promises.

2) I kind of feel like this baby is going to fall out. Literally, when I am walking, or if I sneeze or cough or anything, it just feels like she is going to fall right out. You just got TMIed.
Ok that's all. I am done, no more baby talk. Or at least I will not type the word "baby" anymore.

3) I have been on a serious rampage with nesting. It is kind of like the movie 28 days later after the people get infected and they just go crazy trying to eat other people. Except I am just trying to clean everything. Mike called me a "hurricane of organization" tonight. I took it as the best compliment ever.

That's me in the background on fire. I don't want to eat him, just put some stain stick on those scrubs!

4) I am super excited to join Cari and many others tomorrow for the Virtual 5k. I am hoping it will induce something of which I will not speak. I am sure it won't, but I can dream.

5) Speaking of trying to induce things of which I will not speak. I decided to take it upon myself today to load a twin sized bed and box spring on to the top of our van to take to Goodwill- I am sure it made for terrific afternoon entertainment for the neighbors. Mike was going to do it tomorrow, but I went all zombi-killer-nester on him and decided it HAD to be done this afternoon so the soon-to-be nursery could be freed of the monstrosity cluttering it. It is now free and I will sleep tonight. Not longer than 2 consecutive hours at a time. But still, I will sleep.

6) Linking to Cari twice in one quick takes. Sorry, Cari, I am just creepy. But I am super excited to do another round of her Snapshots this Sunday. Be sure to check in out on Monday.

7) I cannot believe I got from 3-7 without using the B-Word. I am going to go reward myself with the 3 remaining EL Fudge cookies in the cupboard and then hit the sack. Here's to the latest (and perhaps lamest) quick takes I have ever done!! 

And a totally unrelated picture because I hate picture-less posts.


  1. Caption on the 28 days pic made me snort!

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  3. #2: I feel the SAME exact way. 36 weeks has never felt this horrible!
    #5: Yes, yes, yes! I purchased, put together, took apart, and returned a ginormously heavy coffee table from Target in one day even though I knew hubby would kill me because we could NOT be coffee-table-less when the baby comes. Even though we still are. Sigh.

    You're almost there...!

  4. HAHA If you could run that fast in your pregnant state, I bet you would look like that. The nesting instinct is fantastic - except that it literally keeps you up at night if you don't accomplish each and every item on your list. Are you seriously doing a 5K???? I really hope it works for you :]

  5. Hahahaha...that caption about killed me. I was the same way. If I didn't have a Magic eraser in my hand and some sort of cleaner in the other, I thought I would lose my mind. Seriously, the night before I went to the hospital, I was scrubbing my floors and stocking supplies. Luckily that urge left me right as the baby did. Hang in there. Oh, and I love hearing about your baby! You write as much as you want about her...:)

  6. Best of luck to you, Ana! What a gift you are about to give the world :)