Monday, October 21, 2013

paring down the flannel

Really Ana, another alteration? What do you think this, is a sewing blog? A fashion blog? Do you actually fancy yourself fashionable? No no, I promise, it is not and I am not and this is not the course on which the blog with stay always and forever. It may be due to my incessant pinterest perusing, or to a total lack of other blog material and blogger's block (like writers block, but you know), or to an early onset of cabin fever. Whatever the reason, just bear with me for one more wanna-be fashion-y post with a sort-of before/after alteration.

I have been searching all over for a cute flannel shirt, one might say that I have been a little obsessed with it as of late, I would just say I was excited about it. I bought one at the store and returned it, tried on a bunch at TJ Max but they all fit super weird and last week I almost bought one at Old Navy but refused to shell out 30 big ones for a shirt that would probably not be a comfy as I wanted. Enter this weekend's rummage sale and a super soft and comfy albeit super large Croft and Barrow flannel shirt purchased for a whopping dollar fifty!

The problem is that I didn't actually take a before picture, which is usually essential for one of these posts. But luckily I was a little bit overly preoccupied with altering men's shirts around this same time 2 years ago and recovered a couple before photos which capture exactly how this weekend's purchase fit before:

Only flannel and red.
Lookin good.

A simple method to use is as follows:
  • button up the shirt to be sewn 
  • turn it inside-out and lay it flat 
  • then button up a collared shirt that fits you well and lay it over top of the big one
  • pin the shirt-to-be-altered to match the fit of the shirt that fits well 
  • then sew along the line. 

I just took it in about an inch and a half from the cuff to the bottom of the shirt on each side and shazam, I have my comfy flannel to be worn a multitude of ways. Or at least 2 ways:
^all alone with an accidental popped collar on the side.
^add some pearls
^plus a sweater
And I plan on wearing it with sweat pants as much as I like, but I will likely spare you the photoage.
And if you are wondering whether I took a photography class called "How to never include the top of your head in a photo 101", I did not, I am just really good at it. 
Here you go, in case you weren't feeling nauseous yet from the glut of pictures. The top of my head in all it's glory.

Now I am done, for realz. And I promise to give you a super deep, meaningful and ultra intellectual post next time. But first I have to work on gathering some good bribes for Mike to write a post for me.

Happy Monday!


  1. Giiiirl, I want it!! You look so chic and comfy and just perfect. I would not want to stand next to you at the playground, ha! ;)

    I have been searching for a good flannel shirt. Maybe one of these days Ryan's patience will last long enough at a thrift store to allow me to look at the flannel shirts! I really want to try this tutorial:

  2. I loved these posts! And I totally didn't even notice that you cut off the top of your head till you mentioned it haha. How did you alter this one? I've got one of my husbands plaid shirts that I want to alter to fit me (he's got a million and said I could have one haha)

    1. just updated with some simple directions. enjoy!

  3. Dang Mrs Sewy Sewerson!! You're good! Did you take sewing lessons or did you just teach yourself to do it? Love the shirt!

    1. i just drove my mom crazy trying to teach myself until high school when i finally took a sewing class my senior year that taught me how to use a machine with breaking it every. single. time. that is literally all i know how to do.

  4. You look so cute! I love the colors. :)

  5. Ana, when I started reading this post I thought, "I don't think flannel is for me" and after seeing your first "after" photo I am on my way out to buy a flannel shirt. I love it!

  6. Ana, I really enjoy your blog. Your sense of humor & honesty are fun to read & I look forward to your posts. I have identical twin boys who will be 3 years old in February and I am very much "in the toddler trenches" too. Thanks for helping to provide an online community for catholic moms.

  7. I'm sending EVERY thrift shop find I DON'T buy (because I have no sewing machine) up to you to be altered. Seriously.

  8. Dang you NAILED IT!! So freakin cute!!!