Thursday, December 1, 2011

Farmer Ted

I thought I might have appendicitis this afternoon and that I might not be able to post my promised alteration, but it passed so I was able to go out this afternoon with the girls to the gorcery store to get the kit kats and reeses cups I forgot yesterday(what the heck was I thinking?) and the local Vincent de Paul- the mother of all thrift stores. (yes I braved the grocery store again, but I was much nicer this time, really. it turns out that it is not hard to handle if you buy a 2 pound bag of twizzlers to feed to them while you shop. Who knew?!) I went to the thrift store to look for some plaid shirts to alter. I found this little farmer Ted number and went to work.
Something like 30 minutes later... superwoman!!!!!!!

Have a happy Thursday,

1 comment :

  1. ah. love it!!!

    so jealous that you are getting out and about.

    and love those boots.