Sunday, December 11, 2011

And with that said...

I will post a new alteration. This is not the same thing as fashion blogging since it is a hobby that requires some (in my case v e r y little) talent and effort. Plus, let's be honest, I am no where near "fashionable" enough.

I bought several men's shirts from the ol' thrift store and have been working through them making them non-men's shirts. The last one was a little flannel number and this is more of a business casual number. 

I actually bought it hoping it would fit Mike, but it didn't, so now it fits me!

And after:
 not tucked.
I really got tired of fake smiling for pictures I was taking of myself, so I decided to go for a more "posed looking down" look, I like it I think.

Everything but the belt is thrifted. I think the whole outfit totals $13, not bad.

The pictures kind of stink- you can't even see the belt in the second one, oh well, you get the point.

Enjoy your last few hours of the weekend!!

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