Friday, October 11, 2013

Quick Takes and Favorites

Joining Jen for quick takes (and Hallie for favorites! What?!? No she didn't!) I did. 

1) There is very little that I dislike on this earth more than children's music. I know that makes me more of a stay-at-home-monster than mom,  but if I can avoid the likes of Wee Sing or the Wiggles or anything similar to that during my days, I am sure to be one step farther from the insane asylum, which is always a good thing. That said, I make an exception for this CD:

It's called Catholic Songs for Children and its all taken from the Baltimore catechism and while I do not particularly love the voices or the sound of the songs, hearing Naomi sing about being baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost is enough of a reason for me to let those things slide.

2) Speaking of things that I love (and I think I am just now deciding to link this up with Hallie's 5 favorites if that is not too illicit, I'm such a link-up rebel) I almost single-handedly polished off an entire bag of these almonds in 24 hours this past week:
^^yes, that's the empty bag.

It was bad. Really bad.
And now I am perusing pinterest like a fiend searching for recipes to try at home, this one will be my first experiment.

3) And while I am sure that every person reading this has already read this gem by Matt Walsh, I am still going to link to it because holy awesome it made my week. Every 20 seconds another stay-at-home mom friend was sharing it on facebook the day he posted it and it kind of felt like he was N'Sync and all the SAHMs were screaming, excited, middle-school (or high school if you were me) girls over the thing, only fewer frosted tips and less glitter. If you've been stuck under an internetless rock or something and haven't read it, it is worth a glance or 20.

4) When I visited Grace last month she served me this amazing, delicious mango salsa from Costco and since we are not members of the big C I figured I was plumb about of luck in that department, until my last local grocery trip when I found this stuff:

It is a winner.

5) I cut Naomi's hair shorter than it has ever been in her life last night and I totally did not mean to go as short as I did.

I almost burst into tears when I saw all the hair on the floor, but since she expressed a ton of excitement about having short hair and since I figured that crying at the sight of her may scar her for the rest of her life, I have pulled it together and am happy with the result.

6) I think I may try my hand at potty training Bernadette again tomorrow. Or I may just run away, we'll see...

7)  Lucy may just be the clingiest baby that I have had so far, but I should probably shut it or else the next will be born attached to me (don't try to picture that, and that is not an announcement).
^Lucy: "DEEEDS" (aka, "cheese", whenever she sees the camera, or my phone, every time)

I would be annoyed with her if she weren't so cute and if she wasn't all of the sudden developing a great sense of humor. She's taken to crawling into the kitchen and doing ridiculous bodily moves while making crazy noises until I laugh at her, then she crawls to my feet and cries until I pick her up- it works every time. SO really she is just good at buttering me up. whatevs.

Head over to Hallie for more favorites and Jen for more Quick Takes! 


  1. Naomi's hair looks adorable. And I'm grateful that I have boys who just want the buzz cut. Mango salsa in any form is the bomb - I like to do a half/half chopped mango with chopped, peeled cucumber. Add a little olive oil and cilantro and salt and maybe a smidge of chipotle pepper seasoning. The longer it sits, the better it is. Good with chips, on any kinds of meat (especially fish) and just dang good right out of the bowl with a spoon.

  2. Ok, I haven't read Walsh's piece yet, but you're not kidding- it showed up no less than 9 times on my feed this week.
    Heading over to secure my place on the Matt Walsh bandwagon...

  3. Nope, I do not like Matt's article at all. We'll agree to disagree on that one. But those almonds look gooooooood!

  4. I just read Matt's article & it was BRILLIANT!!

  5. I think Naomi's hair looks beautiful! She has better ends than I do :) Someone get me a haircut STAT. And we aren't a children's music playing household mostly because I haven't bought any because I am cheap, but I would be willing to buy that CD!

  6. "DEEDS!" That's the cutest thing ever! Of course you have to pick her up, she's too cute to leave at your feet!

  7. I think I know exactly which costco you are talking about! So good. Mrs. Renfros is pretty good for being from a jar.

  8. So this comment is not at all related to this post, but I was reading 40 Signs of Life by Scott Hahn and the name kept bothering me...I kept thinking "I know this name, but I don't remember meeting any Hahns." I went to the author website to look for more books and was just sort of browsing around when I noticed some pictures (this is about 2 months after originally starting the book and thinking about the name), and I realised that I recognised some of the people in the pictures, but again, I didn't remember meeting them. Then I realised it was your lovely family!
    The internet makes this a very small world. And now I feel like this comment only makes sense to me...oh well. I was happy I wasn't just imagining I recognised the name Hahn.

  9. I am the same way about kids music. HATE IT. So, I'm excited about the suggestion. And my parents recently bought the kiddos a CD of Sandra Boynton songs that, shockingly, I don't hate. It's called Frog Trouble. And according to my 4yo, it's "epic."