Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day, School Day

We had been planning on starting school after Labor Day weekend all along-- well, working on Labor Day, because I'm a jerk-- but waiting until the first week of September to start. Lucy kept talking about the "blue flowers" being our school month flowers (Rose Harrington Art, our lives revolve around your calendar botanicals)

Then all of the interwebs were posting first day of school pictures 2 weeks into August and I was like "wait, do I need to start earlier?!?!" and almost did because I am a sucker but then.... the flood. And no school room (I know most people don't need a school room, but I NEED A SCHOOL ROOM). And also I needed to host that conference, so I didn't start early. I'm so thankful we didn't because I really loved having last week to just hang around a little bit more. Mike worked his behind off and got the school room all back together and I had to photograph it's pristine state because it currently looks like a tornado hit it:

I got those little vintage desks on Craigslist and I love them because my girls are like hamsters with ADD during school and if they are all at one table and one person's paper touches theirs they get into a serious tizzy. Desks are a great solution to that. And the best part of this set up??...

If you just zoom back the camera little and you get to see my giant room-length baby gate that is fastened tightly on both ends of the room so that Freddie cannot get to the side of the room where the school stuff is. It is one of those outdoor baby pens but you can stretch it out and let it save your life all day.

Enough of the room, let's get to the first day pictures:

Lucy Josephine, Kindergarten; Bernadette Martha, 2nd Grade; and Naomi Therese 3rd Grade (or if you're going by their binders the latter two are grades 22 and 33, but we won't get nit picky).

It really was a fantastic first day, which I am chalking up to the fact that any and everything would be a fantastic start to the school year compared to last year-- new house, new town, new baby, crazy hormones-- no bueno. I also loved being so prepared and I am a HUGE fan of WTM for making my life easier by combining subjects across grades.

We celebrated with a lunch out plus ice cream and the kids were utterly profuse in their praises of me for making that decision.
You're welcome, cuties.

Happy Labor Day to you and yours!

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  1. So glad it went off without a hitch- or at least pretty near, as I'm sure there attempts to that your plans. Love you all