Friday, August 18, 2017

will I ever blog again?

Linking with Kelly!!

1) After a nice multi-week hiatus I figured I should give a little TLC to the b-log, as I am hosting a BLOGGING conference next week. Holy crap I am really hosting one NEXT WEEK-- I am so super excited (with a side of a tad terrified). Naomi just asked, "Mom, on the day of the conference, will all the knives be in their proper place in the knife block? Because whenever you put them away one is always missing..." So clearly we're all concerned about appropriate things. For real though, even as a super extrovert I am feeling the pressure to put on a nice party for so many wonderful ladies, we shall see if I come through...

2) I went to Target the other day to look for a cute comfy summer dress to wear to said conference since it has been hotter than the blazes of hell here and I'd prefer to wear as few articles of clothing the day of the event and all I came out with was yet another mom t-shirt to wear during the day (and sometimes to bed) and my very first bralette. I am clearly WAY behind on this glorious little trend but I am really glad that I have finally tried and fallen in love with one-- for the time being that is the way I will go.

3) Seriously though, what is going on with current style trends? I kept seeing things that I thought were dresses and I would get super excited but then I would walk up and realize NO, it is just a shirt with a ridiculously long tail. Or a full size romper. WHY? I guess that is what I get for shopping in Target's adolescent section.

4) The 2 primary reasons for neglecting the blog are the above mentioned event (so much irony there) and the fact that for the first time in my teacher/mom life I decided to plan a curriculum for the year using the structure and lots of recommended materials from the WTM. And guess what-- I DID IT. It took me an embarrassingly long time and I am still not technically done (history and poetry will be mapped out tonight and I will actually be done) but I did it and now I feel like a legit homeschooling mother. BRING ON THE DENIM JUMPERS!!!!!

5) Mike and I watched Hacksaw Ridge recently and it was the first really good movie I've seen in a while, I definitely recommend. We also started Broadchurch- *really* good.

6) You guys, I tried to potty train Joe and I totally failed.

I posted about it on Insta and should've known better when the overwhelming feedback was "it will work when he's ready", to which I mentally responded "I know he is not ready, but I will MAKE him ready because we need to do this NOW!!" And sure enough, he was no where near ready, which I can only say with such confidence because I have actually potty trained children who are and it was a horse of a different color. Pee everywhere. It was a bad day.

7) We tried to take the kids to the fair last week and right as we got there a huge thunder storm rolled in and we didn't get to go, which was pretty devastating to *some* of us (ME).

Ok, I have some pumpkin cheesecake bars that I need to go taste test and probably like 50 other things to do but I'll probably just eat cheesecake.

Happy weekend!!!


  1. On the plus side, the Shenandoah County Fair is next week I think? And apparently better than our county, so you've got a second chance!!!

  2. I'm really looking forward to the conference and meeting you! Thanks for all the work you're putting into it. I'm sure it will be lovely. And YES to the current styles. Ugh. Can we make this a pajama themed conference? Is that a thing?

  3. I'm failing at potty training Hugh, too. I tried a few days with him in undies and while he WILL pee when brought to the potty, he definitely isn't asking to go beforehand, so he really doesn't get the cues yet. *sigh* Annie was so easy...
    And I'm bringing you the tablecloths and things! We've been hibernating because I'm all, no one come near us! But hopefully Monday, maybe?

  4. I'm getting excited (terrified? No, excited) about the conference. I wish I had that extrovert trait you speak of (that is so not me!). I will be stepping a bit outside my comfort zone--but I believe it will be the best decision I've made in a while. Especially if it involves those pumpkin cheesecake bars.

    About the potting training: three of my boys were just a tad over 3 when they gave up their diapers, and it was easy and pretty much instantaneous because they were ready. We never even had accidents. My #4 son was the funniest. I had tried to interest him in the potty--in joining his older brothers and making the switch to awesome superhero undies. He would insist, "It only works with my diaper," so I didn't push it. About a month or two after he turned 3, I took him for his check-up and the pediatrician said, "Don't you think it's time for big boy pants?" He said, "Okay," just as nonchalant as you please. We went home and he started using the potty and never wore a diaper again. I guess the reason he didn't believe me when I said it would work just fine without his diaper is that I was just him mom, not an M.D. :)

    Thanks so much for hosting this conference. I'm looking forward to it!

    1. Maybe there can be a little section for all the introverts that are actually terrified to be there meeting new people. I will be in that group.