Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One month for Lucy

I put Lucy's 1-month picture up on the FB yesterday and upon checking it out Mike said:

"I like it. She looks like Cardinal Timothy Dolan"
I had no idea how right he was. Until I looked up some pictures.

Happy first month of ex-utero life little Lu.


  1. Ha! They both look like the life of the party!

  2. Hey if she's gonna be compared to a chubby guy Dolan is the one you'd want! Love that sweet little girl <3 Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

  3. Hahahahaha ....I wouldn't have believed if you hadn't done the side-to-side. Can't believe she's a month already!

  4. Awesome!! I love that comparason. Comparison. Comparoson? Hmmm ...