Saturday, May 23, 2015

drinks and links {Happy Memorial Day!}

Well, I had the highest of hopes that this Saturday would be full of productivity but I'm not smartest person. When I put an hour long movie on for the girls this morning I really thought I could get more done than lay Joe down, get the girls lunch (to have with their movie, the little princesses) and eat a quick lunch myself before Joseph woke up, but that was just naive of me, ok stupid is the right word.

So now they're all awake and about and I am putting my hopes in the afternoon nap time and turning to the Internet for company over the age of 6.

First off, I must share my new favorite non-or-alcoholic drink recipe with you all, it would be perfection for a memorial day cookout libation addition.

Agave (or Simple Syrup) Lemon Drop:

 I initially made this with regular simple syrup, which incorporates much better than just throwing granulated sugar in the pitcher, but then I realized I could make it with Agave syrup and it would taste just as wonderful and I would feel a tad less guilty about the sugar over load. Go with whatever floats your boat and don't feel guilty like I do, I am lame.

What you need:

* 2 whole lemons, cut into 1/4ths
* 8 oz bottled lemon juice
* 8 oz Agave nectar (or simple syrup, which is 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water, boiled until sugar is dissolved.
* 2  cups water
* 1 cup vodka, if you are having fun
* ice

Mix the Agave, lemon juice, water, (and vodka if you want). Squeeze lemon juice from lemon fourths and throw them into the pitcher. Add as much ice as you need or want and serve it up.

All will be happy and content.

Ok, now for some internet fun spots for your weekend couch sitting:

Carolyn tells the most amazing birth story ever and serves to seriously validate my claims that I didn't just "do natural child birth wrong" when I screamed so loudly that nurses came in from down the hall to ask me to quiet down. I dealt with the same *issue* as her and I won't use her terminology because this is not a birth story so you didn't sign up for it, (but if it was I would totally use the words.) Anyways, when you deal with what she dealt with, no amount of deep breathing helps- only screaming and biting and other such coping mechanisms- and even then, nothing helps. Such a great read, SUCH a cute baby!!

Jenny is always interesting and compelling and this is no exception.

Christy does a great recap of the Mad Med finale, and succeeds in making me try to think more positively about the whole thing. While I am not quite there (I'm a Don cynic) I am still mulling it over and her recap will continue to help me through it all. (I'm being a tad dramatic, but so is the show)

I am always on the hunt for a good non-Jillian workout that will really give me bang for my buck, and this one recommended to me by my friend, Sarah has done just that.

I have loved my trusty firmoo glasses for a while now and recently asked on the gram whether my more recent pair was too large for my face, which everyone was super affirming about and so I started sporting them. I just couldn't do it, BUT! I needed sunglasses really badly and was so excited when I realized that a local America's Best could tint my too-large ones for a mere $15 and I am so happy to finally be able to shield my tender eyes after at least 10 years of not being able to because I would not shell out the cash for prescription ones. Behold!

Also, since I know you've been dying to know-- I found a swim suit!!


Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Yea!!!!! I am totally in love with fitness blender!!! Glad you found one you liked!

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  3. Aww thank you for the link love-- and AH LEMON DROP! It's my fave and I can't wait to make some with your recipe.

  4. The tinted glasses? Genius! And so freaking cute.

  5. those are NOT too big for your face, they're adorable.

    Also, now I want a big fat boozy drink. And all I'll let poor baby have is boring old beer. #comeonAugust

    (thanks for the link love)

  6. I also highly recommend Fitness Blender. They seem so nice and they have challenging or not so challenging workouts.