Wednesday, January 11, 2012

snow box

Moving reeaaally slow round here these days. I'm sorry for the absence, but I'll be back some day soon.

We have mostly been trapped nestled snugly in our little nest with colds and swollen eyes (? I am just as confused) running rampant here. However, esterday I let the little crazies out in the back yard. The mid-40 days are the best for letting them play in whatever snow is left on the ground since it isn't so cold that their little phalanges are practically falling off (gloves for babies and toddlers are possibly the dumbest thing ever. they would not.keep.them.on).
Big thanks so sissy April for making their little matching winter head gear- cutest ever

still super cute even with the chin blem

Bernadette was so serious about things

always contemplating

cooking in the kitchen=eating nasty snow, gross

real sandbox or snow, which is better? snow wins, I think
I went for the "sandbox" feel with the snow and let them dig around with some shovels and tried just as hard to get them not to eat the nasty snow as I do to not fill their mouths with sand- changing with the seasons.
Happy Wednesday,

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