Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Insomnia Jeans

My wonderful mother has passed down many a trait to me: her hotness, her driven spirit, her amazing capacity for productivity, her prayerful spirit... crap, I am thinking of one of my other sisters. I can really only hope that God will grant that I turn out even a tiny bit like my mother and I think I will be set for eternity because she is simply amazing.

However! There are a few things about my mom that she apologizes to her daughters frequently for passing down: her frequent migraines, sickness during pregnancies, sinus issues, and as I lay in bed for hours last night wondering why on God's green earth my body would not let me pass from the awake state to the glorious state of slumber I realized that my dearest mother has indeed passed on to me one of these less-than-desirable things: occasional insomnia. (Incidentally my sleep deprived self has been been slapping well rested self across the face repeatedly today for the post I wrote yesterday.)

Anyways, once it came to me that my dear mother is often dealing with this sort of thing I decided that it could all just be genetics (as this is definitely not the first time and surely not the last time the insomnia bug has struck me) and could not get the phrase "insomnia genes" out of my head. Which then led me to wonder if there is some brand of denim out there called "insomnia jeans", which then led to me obsessing over a pair of jeans that are in my closet that I never ever wear but that I could certainly alter and wear all the time. I was THISCLOSE to fixing them right then at 1 on the morning, but I resisted the urge.

So naturally in my sleep deprived stupor this afternoon I went ahead and got to it.

Here be the jeans before the scissors:
Too big everywhere, weird white-ish wash, but oh so comfy. And once I got them out of their borderline parachute pant state I didn't actually mind the white washness so much.

After, on my way out to my semi-professional desk job, aka, my porch:
 A slight improvement I think.
And that's really all I have for you today. Here's hoping there are no other alteration inspirations tonight. Sleep tight!


  1. Cute! I tried making my pants fit better and it was a disaster. You are a much better seamstress than I!

  2. You did a great job, Ana. Did your mom also pass on her knowledge of sewing or where did you pick up that talent?

  3. You did a great job taking in those jeans! I think I'd need a full replica of myself dress form to do this.

    <3 Vicki

  4. Way cute! But are they still comfy after the redo? Because I totally want a pair like those in the "before" pics for jammie pants:)

  5. Cute! I wish I could sew....!

  6. Cute! I wish I knew my way around a sewing machine. Someday...

  7. Love!! Want to do some jeans for me too? ; )

  8. All my jeans look like your before jeans! My thighs and I just do not agree on my ability to wear skinny jeans.

  9. Cute! I need you to come fix some of my stuff's beyond sad. Love that blazer!

  10. Love the jeans! Also, you might look into Berry Sleepy, which is a food supplement (chock full of nothing but berries, in capsule form) and was created by an awesome Catholic couple in Kansas City. It is completely natural and lots of people swear by it!

  11. Whoa! I can't even believe that's the same pair of jeans. They look awesome! Amazing job, Ana.
    I have the insomnia thing too, and I get lots of fun creative ideas then. Sometimes I will even laugh out loud and Dan will just be like "WHAT. is so funny." haha!
    Insomnia: both gift and curse;)