Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Time for the game: how many dum dums does it take to get to the end of the quick takes? You'll only find out if you get to the end!

1) Earlier this week I had a play date with one of my SB besties and it was lovely, too lovely. You see, with the Polar Vortex from the netherworld and the resulting record breaking home confinement for the Hahn ladies, I hadn't seen a friend for ... an indeterminate amount of time. So we sent the kids running through the house on a wild rampage of toy dumping while we rested our weary pregnant bodies on the couch and talked-- like I said, lovely. The wrench in the plan was Lucy who does not engage in the same delightful toy dumping and moving to the next toy and then dumping like the elder mongrels, but who rather searches for and finds quiet mischief, meet exhibit A:

Peanut Butter. Everywhere. The jar was full when she started, I had to throw it away in the end because she had so thoroughly defiled the entire thing. We were talking for at least 10 minutes before we realized she was probably doing something bad. 10 glorious peanut buttery minutes.

2) I have never seen Lucy so happy, ever.

dum dum #2

3) Lest anyone get the impression that I am "fun mom", please do not be fooled by my forting post the other day. I started to worry that maybe people think I make the forts to be cool or likable with the kids, but it is absolutely the opposite. I make them so that I can go lay back on the couch for a longer time while I milk the extra minutes of fort distraction. I am NEVER in the fort with them and when it is a good fort, I can sometimes get upwards of 30 whole couch laying minutes out of it. It sure does do double duty though because they happen to love it. Clarification made.

dum dum #3, I am really at a loss and have been staring at #4 for a long time.

4) Mike and I recently started watching the show Shark Tank and we got so obsessed we had to take a little break. I was spending full days brainstorming ideas for products to design and patten and make us millionaires and then I would tell them to Mike and he would laugh at me just like the billionaire investors on the show. It wasn't the healthiest thing. But really I love the show a lot and wish I were watching it right now.

5) I literally had nothing to write here so I played a little game of "label roulette", which I made up just now by myself. The game goes like this: you close your eyes, you scroll the mouse over your label cloud (or up and down your label list), and then click on the label that the arrow is pointing to (or closest to) and then you link to the post that came up first. The really weird and creepy thing is that the post that came up for me is the "Bad Mother of 2012" Edition of 7 quick takes written 2 years ago at the exact same stage in pregnancy with Lucy as I am now. WEIRD. I was feeling pretty much exactly the same way and being equally as neglectful. Label roulette knows your soul, people.

6) How can I compete with label roulette? Did you hear Dwija's news? Such fun news, ok that's pretty good competition.

7) Bad lip reading, anyone?? Yes please:
Dum dum #4, I hate the mystery ones.

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  1. That is one happy looking girl! My youngest wanted to "help" with laundry, and while I was collecting towels he managed to throw shoes and anything else he could get his hands on into the washing machine. I think I was gone 1 minute tops. You're so right, when it's quiet then trouble is brewing!

  2. I was watching Shark Tank while reading this! Freaked me out when I got to number 4! (But isn't that show amazing!? There aren't going to be any new episodes until February 21st so we all get a built in break!)

  3. I read somewhere that the mystery dum dums were the result of changing flavors at the factory. So instead of cleaning out all the equipment they just start the next flavor directly, and for a little while there is a mixture of the former and the current which they just call mystery. This just makes me want to try a bunch of mysteries to see if they actually are all slightly different.

  4. The PB picture was hilarious! I have pictures of my boys in piles of toilet paper, mounds of cheerios, etc., etc., etc., Quiet is never a good thing. In the frozen wonderland that was Atlanta this week, we've devolved into the watching of The Next Great Baker. Addicting and not in a good way. I would put that on the same level as Shark Tank.

  5. LOVE Shark Tank. I think it's great they schedule it for Friday nights (or at least that's when it comes on here), because it's the cap to our week. Last night hubby and I shared a bottle of wine while watching. Living it UP I tell you.