Thursday, August 28, 2014

5 Favoritos!

Joining late with Heather for a few favoritos this week. And let it be noted that the this post is being written while I stand at my desk with Joseph in the Moby (the only place acceptable unto him) while I bob UP and down UP and down. The only way anything happens anymore.


1) Homeschooling:

WHAAAA!?!?!?! Really, Ana? Fo realz people. After all my freaking out and putting it off, we've been at it now for a few weeks and I am really enjoying it. I love that it gives direction and purpose to the morning and I feel like a bad ass when we've finished. Never mind that it takes all of one hour to be "finished" with kindergarten work, never mind that- it is something! I am doing it and I don't hate it! Praise be!

2) Handmade by Meg K:

When my sister came for little J's baptism, she gifted her newly baptized godson with this awesome felt Saint Joseph doll from Meg's shop and I am not being paid to say this: they are so awesome! Git at em.

3) The guys:

Need I say more? I always do. Mike had his first day of teaching undergraduate foundations of theology at Notre Dame yesterday, which is what all 5th year PhD students do. Naturally we put Joseph's tie onesie on to get a picture. It just doesn't get any better than them.

4) This girl:

She fills the day with too much cute to really handle. I love her older sisters too, but man, bad behavior just gets less and less cute as kids get older and, lucky for Lucy, it is still pretty freaking cute even when she is naughty. So imagine how cute she is when she is good! Go ahead, imagine it. So. Cute.

5) Coping mechanisms:

Baking. Getting a hair cut. Online shopping. Delicious coffee. Wine. These are the names of my coping mechanisms because 4 kids is kicking my butt, people. While it would surely be helpful to add a some consistent workouts to the list, for now these will have to do.

Hit up Heather for more!


  1. Glad homeschooling is off to a great start! And the matching ties, I just love it!

  2. So cute, those kids.

    I'm trying to buy a Catholic children's Bible - do you like that one?

  3. It's nice to hear about all you 'mericans getting your homeschool groove on. I am taking heart from it, and my mantra is "it is going to be fine." This year I have a grade two, a K4 and a baby. Only a few more days of holidays!

  4. Adorable daddy-and-son picture! I'm glad you're honest about four kids "kicking your butt"....but man, going from two to three was SO hard at first. I was hoping to hear that three-to-four was easy! :-)

  5. It's kicking my butt, too!! And, you're homeschooling - I'm in awe :)

  6. The tie onesie! I'm dying!!! And that sprig of hair? Dying again! Too much cuteness for one post!

  7. I'm OBSESSED with that onesie… Congrats on homeschooling. I hope I have similar sentiments this time next year. For now we're kicking it with the baptist preschool (and loving it)

  8. Wow good for you already into the school thing! How old is your baby? Mine is 4 months and I keep putting it off, just one more week....

  9. My mom uses Faith and Life Series and MCP Phonics for homeschooling too :) Good books!

  10. You are doing a great job. Homeschooling has become more and more enjoyable each year for us! My husband and I always say it is the best thing we have ever done.

  11. Not gonna lie, got all nerdy giddy there for a sec when I saw the A Beka K Math book. Homeschooling solidarity, sista ;)

    And GOOD GRIEF I probably haven't commented since Joseph was born but WHAT A CUTIE. Congratulations!!!

  12. Thanks for the shoutout, Ana! And congratulations on baby Joseph!

  13. Doing kindergarten and 1st grade are the most rewarding because you can SEE them soaking things up and learning - letters, adding, subtracting, reading. 4 kids in and it still doesn't get old!